Sunday Yoga Day 15 & 16

I realized I forgot to schedule this post for last Sunday!

Honestly, I haven’t been putting in a lot of time for yoga. I have gone back to practicing my sessions sporadically because it has been a rough few weeks.

I still try to keep track of them, though!

Day 15: Half Hour Moon Practice


Before my session:

I was actually feeling quite nasally, congested and I had a weird cold sweat happening. I was also definitely tired from doing my weekend chores.

During my session:

There was only one thing that hit the spot today. It wasn’t even a pose or a technique, but something Adriene said, which was, “take responsibility for you”. This means a lot to me because Yoga is about reflecting, it’s about taking your time, having time for yourself to relax and meditate. As someone who never actually takes time for myself, I know that this is something I need to work on.

After my session:

Although I started off my session feeling sick, I ended the session feeling relaxed.


Day 16: Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Covergirl…Just kidding! I’m not bashing makeup but who needs it after feeling so good?


Before my session:

I did this session at night because yoga + sleep goes together like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was a nice short session that was super relaxing.

During my session:

This definitely removed morning tension that I had. That is all I have to say.

After my session:

All I have written down for this is “Oh, so good”. I guess, I needed to go shower and lay my head on my pillow.

I know that they’re getting shorter, but for some reason, the month of December started to get really intense and stressful for me.

Sunday Yoga Day 13 & 14

Day 13 and 14 are here! Can you believe I’m actually almost half way to 30 days of yoga?

Day 13: Endurance & Ease

I did this session in the morning because I’m cool like that. I’m definitely changing the times I do yoga. I think it gives my body an extra kick of the unexpected. Sometimes I prefer early mornings, other times I aim for noon and sometimes right before bed does the job.

Before my session:

Today, I woke up feeling great and well-rested. I hope that I stay focused on my workout and that it helps me really ease back into workout mode, which I have been lacking because of the holiday season.

During my session:

Major sweat session. I definitely got super sweaty. The poses were not that difficult, but they did really push me to go deeper.

After my session:

Core workouts, for the win!

Day 14: Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout

I decided to do this session in the evening because of the word mindful.

Before my session:

I think I ate something that messed up my stomach again. If you didn’t know, I get stomach discomfort a lot. I have been tested, but nothing really seemed to be the cause. I am on enzymes that help me break down my food better, but even they don’t always help as much as they should. I’m trying to cut out certain foods by experimenting with my meals.

During my session:

This was a short session that also caused me to sweat like Day 13. I love sessions that make me sweat. It means I’m challenging myself, clearing myself of toxins, and getting a good workout.

After my session:

For some reason, I look at my notes and the only thing I wrote after my session is that “I’m ready to party”, even though I should be getting ready for bed. I guess yoga made me feel that great.


“New Year, New Me”

It’s 2016 and with that, a lot of changes and new adventures. There’s a reason as to why, I decided to write this morning. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and there it was, people already judging others for their new years resolutions, mocking their “new year, new me” aspirations. Why would anyone mock others for the goals that they have?

I decided that I wanted to write about this. It is quite common for people to make new year resolutions. I think about 95% of the population does it (I’m just making numbers up here, but if you want some more “real” numbers, check this page out New Years Resolution Statistics). It’s nice to have goals, to plan what you want out of the year.

I’m not being sensitive I just wanted to share my opinion on it. I know that trolls exist on the internet, but when I always see friends posting memes, captions or statuses mocking or ridiculing the idea of resolutions. I think you’re an asshole. And I learned not to go to you to discuss my goals and dreams. I know some people might forget about their resolutions after January or maybe they just decided not to discuss it with you anymore.

Some people can’t achieve their resolutions in one year. It can take a week, a month, a year or more than that. Personally, I’m always goal planning because I like having goals. I like achieving them but the reality is, sometimes it’s not possible. Sometimes goals or priorities change because life happens. Sometimes you realize you can’t achieve it in a year, so it makes your list every year. There is nothing wrong with that. You might realize that’s not what you wanted anymore. Or you realize it will definitely take longer than expected. Or maybe they had no one supporting their resolutions, so they just gave up.

The point of this post was to say this, don’t be an asshole in the new year. Instead, be supportive of your friends with goals. If they want to lose weight, help them reach those goals, go to the gym with them. If they want to travel, share your experiences of different places you have been to. If someone is looking for this year to start fresh, encourage it. Don’t be that negativity in someone’s life.

2015 Favourites

So 2015 has come and is almost gone! This means it is time to share with you some of my favourite things– what I tried, ate, listened to, wore, etc, etc.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll miss some things or go on about other things.

Let’s get started!

Online/Social World Favourites:

Favourite Social Platform: Instagram–Why? Because I enjoy sharing moments with friends and random strangers.

Online Show: Kimmy Schmidt: Unbreakable–Why? I have no idea why. I just really love how random it was.

YouTuber: Tess Christine–I have been watching Tess since she first started way back when, but I have grown to appreciate her videos much more because who doesn’t want all her clothes and adventures. I just feel like I can relate to her a bit more than most YouTubers.

Public Figure to Follow: Erin Ireland. I was introduced to Erin through an article I read in Chatelaine and instantly became a big fan. After meeting her this year (which is also part of my 2015 favourites), I grew to respect her even more. I love how she practices what she preaches but also doesn’t force it on you. I also love watching her snaps.

Favourite Snapchatter: Erin Ireland & Jillian Harris. I love them both because they share a lot of their adventures, what they eat and what they do. They’re both awesome. I obviously couldn’t pick just one.

Favourite Blogger/Vlogger: Zoella. Hands down my favourite vlogger. Her Christmas vlogs were on point.

Favourite 2015 Movies:

Jurassic World: It was nice to relive those childhood moments.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: I like superhero movies a lot. ❤

Minions: Who doesn’t like the minions?




Favourite Albums:

Florence & The Machine “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

James Bay “Chaos and the Calm”

Selena Gomez “Revival”

The Weeknd “Beauty behind the madness”

Justin Bieber “Purpose”

Adele “25”

Favourite Songs:

Okay, so I like music way too much to pick just one. So here are some that I couldn’t stop jamming out to this year. Here are some covers and remixes of songs (I couldn’t find some of the originals to post in here)

Other songs:

Blank Space- Taylor Swift

The Feeling- Justin Bieber ft Halsey

Heartstrings- Leighton Meester

Take your Time- Sam Hunt

On My Mind- Ellie Goulding

Can’t Stop Dancing- Becky G

The Hills- The Weeknd

Like I’m Gonna Lose you- Meghan Trainor ft John Legend

And there were a whole lot more!

Favourite Concert: FLORENCE & THE MACHINE ❤


One of the best concerts I have ever been to. So lively, so exhilarating and moving. I don’t know how she did it but she knocked me out with her awesomeness and stage presence was through the roof.

Favourite Event: TedxSFU 2015


A whole day listening to amazing stories, to see how people change the world by just being themselves is quite refreshing. Not only did I meet some amazing people but I also got to re-imagine myself and think about what I want to do.

Favourite Memories:

Mexico 2015 with my sister


One of the most random, refreshing, and extremely needed trips ever to one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. I can’t wait to go back! ❤

Meeting Erin Ireland


She’s just awesome!! ❤

Friendmas 2015


I got to see some of my favourite people under one roof, who else wouldn’t enjoy this memory.

MarMar 2015 = MARlene & MARtha ❤


I got to see one of my bestest take on a new adventure even if it meant her leaving me here.

Heatherween 2015 

Never had gone to a Halloween party before.

Favourite Place(s):

Los Cabos, Mexico — A gorgeous place with amazing people.



TransCanada Trail /Burnaby Mountain — nothing says Martha’s favourite place with favourite friends and getting sweaty going up cardiac hill.


Favourite Book(s):

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn: If you liked Gone Girl, you might also find this one quite utterly disturbing and interesting all at once. I couldn’t put this down while on the plane and in Mexico.

The Literary Review: A magazine filled with poems and short stories. I didn’t need to read loads of books this year because I spent a lot of time reading the Summer edition of it.

Invisible Chains: Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking: As someone who is extremely passionate about Human Trafficking issues, I decided to read about the issues and I learned a lot.

Favourite Beauty Products:

Baby Oil: My skin loves this stuff.

Biotherm AquaSource Deep Serum: For someone who suffers from dry skin, this was a life saver.

Rosy Lush Face Mask: I definitely need to go buy more of this!

Coconut Hair Masks/Shampoo & Conditioner: I like anything coconut really. Especially when it means it’s going to rescue my hair and scalp.

(see Beauty Favourites: Empties Review where I divulge more about each product that I really loved this year, you can also check out Lush Face Mask Review: Rosy Cheeks for my favourite face mask)

Vichy Ideal Soleil After Sun SOS Balm: I came back super sunburnt from Mexico, this lotion really helped my skin heal faster.

I didn’t have any favourite lipbalms, lipsticks or mascara’s this year. I just couldn’t find one that I really needed to have. I have tonnes of red lipsticks and they’re all from NYX Cosmetics so I guess that whole brand of lipsticks is my favourite.

Foundation: Lise Watier Tient Lift Anti-Rides SPF 20 ❤ I loved this foundation till the lost drop. It not only had nice coverage but also felt good on the skin. I think I sort of found it’s drugstore dupe which is CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Foundation in M7.

Perfume: My Burberry. This to me smells like what I imagine being a young woman off to work should smell like. Does that even make sense? I just love it.

And this my list of what I really loved this year. I’m 100% sure I missed a lot of good stuff but 2015 had a lot of good stuff. Oh yeah, like I GRADUATED! One of the best things to have happened to me this year. ❤


Bye 2015! ❤











Sunday Yoga Day 8: Healing & Meditation

Happy Day 8! I can’t believe I’m almost at ten days of yoga sessions. It’s amazing that I’ve kept at it, even though there have been times I want to quit.  The problem I am having is that I want to be a pro right off the bat. I know it’s not possible because it takes awhile for your body to get into it. I’m just a rusher. I want to be an expert quick.

Here’s Day 8:



Before my session:

I’m still feeling a little off ever since I had those moments of panic. I’m definitely trying my best to ensure that I don’t lose my focus.

During my session:

Okay, so there are always some poses that always make me want to quit. I thought I was an expert at squats until I tried the Malasana pose. Also, wouldn’t the word “two-legged pigeon” pose scare you a bit? I was terrified. I managed to do it, though!

After my session:

I felt good. I always do. I don’t think I ever feel worse then when I start. I enjoy my sessions because it allows me to just focus on my breathing, how I’m feeling and body movements.

So I know this has been my shortest post, I’m not getting lazy. I’ve been going through some family things that need my attention.


❤ Love you guys!