Sunday Yoga Day 13 & 14

Day 13 and 14 are here! Can you believe I’m actually almost half way to 30 days of yoga?

Day 13: Endurance & Ease

I did this session in the morning because I’m cool like that. I’m definitely changing the times I do yoga. I think it gives my body an extra kick of the unexpected. Sometimes I prefer early mornings, other times I aim for noon and sometimes right before bed does the job.

Before my session:

Today, I woke up feeling great and well-rested. I hope that I stay focused on my workout and that it helps me really ease back into workout mode, which I have been lacking because of the holiday season.

During my session:

Major sweat session. I definitely got super sweaty. The poses were not that difficult, but they did really push me to go deeper.

After my session:

Core workouts, for the win!

Day 14: Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout

I decided to do this session in the evening because of the word mindful.

Before my session:

I think I ate something that messed up my stomach again. If you didn’t know, I get stomach discomfort a lot. I have been tested, but nothing really seemed to be the cause. I am on enzymes that help me break down my food better, but even they don’t always help as much as they should. I’m trying to cut out certain foods by experimenting with my meals.

During my session:

This was a short session that also caused me to sweat like Day 13. I love sessions that make me sweat. It means I’m challenging myself, clearing myself of toxins, and getting a good workout.

After my session:

For some reason, I look at my notes and the only thing I wrote after my session is that “I’m ready to party”, even though I should be getting ready for bed. I guess yoga made me feel that great.



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