Sunday Yoga Day 11 & 12

The holidays are here and they have brought stress, anxiety and a whole lot of eating. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be keeping up with my daily yoga because of all the things that need to be done in between. So although, my posts will be up every Sunday, I may be doing my sessions sporadically.

Day 11: Shakti Yoga Practice

Before my session:

The name sounds utterly terrifying, it sounded like it would be a difficult session. Also, even though I woke up quite relaxed, I had an incident that really threw me off and actually pissed me off. I actually didn’t even want to continue with the session until I was calm.

During my session:

The theme was “setting the mood”, how ironic!  My session happened later on in the day when I wasn’t as angry and knew that I would actually enjoy my session. I did feel a lot of tension during my session. It helped a lot.

After my session:

It definitely released unwanted tension. I also found the squat pose to be quite difficult. I don’t know why I found it hard but next time, I’ll work on clearing my mind from any negative thoughts about poses being difficult and see if that helps.

Day 12: Yoga for Spinal Health

Before my session: 

I was absolutely ready for this session. As someone who suffers from back aches and pains all the times. I love a good stretch of the spine, especially since I hunch my back all the time.

During my session:

Again, the squat pose was a tad hard but I really found it easier to do than on day 11. I’m not going to lie, I love downward facing dog a lot. I feel like it’s doing a lot for my arms and shoulders.

After my session:

My spine and back loved this way too much. I felt really good and I just love how I felt so tall even if I didn’t get any taller.


❤ The holidays are upon us. I hope to stick with a good exercise routine or else, I’ll be gaining my freshman 5 before I even start school again.








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