Sunday Yoga Day 9 & 10

Day 9: Full Potential Detox Practice

I’ve decided to post two sessions in one blog for the next three Sundays because I’m a little behind on writing. I also want to be able to space out other things that I have planned out for my blog.

Before my session:

I woke up super sleepy and tired. I still haven’t figured out what’s triggering my insomnia. The title of this session caused excitement. I love anything with the word ‘detox’. I don’t know why, but for some reason I do. I think because it helps clear the body usually from toxins. I love ridding my body of anything considered negative.

During my session:

I got super sweaty during this session. I loved it. I love getting sweaty because it means I’m working really hard without having to work too hard. I really enjoyed the twists in this session. I felt my body really stretch out certain areas that I didn’t think I could reach with regular stretching.

After my session:

I feel good. It felt amazing. I’ve been noticing that I’m actually losing a bit around my waist and my belly is starting to flatten out. After my session, my heart was racing quite a bit, probably because it was definitely challenging my body and working it out.

Day 10: 10 Minute Salutation Practice

Before my session:

So I did this session at night, it was recommended to be done in the morning, but I don’t listen. I should have listened because I was super full from dinner but needed to relax before bed.

During my session:

This was one of the easiest sessions. I had no problem following, I didn’t have to glance at the screen every so often. I was able to just focus on breathing, the movements and my moment.

After my session:

Ready for bed. I know this is supposed to help you start the day, but it helped clear my mind before bed. Hopefully, this helps me fall asleep faster!


Thanks for sharing and following my journey! I’m having a great time with yoga and hopefully, I can join an actual class in the future.






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