“New Year, New Me”

It’s 2016 and with that, a lot of changes and new adventures. There’s a reason as to why, I decided to write this morning. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and there it was, people already judging others for their new years resolutions, mocking their “new year, new me” aspirations. Why would anyone mock others for the goals that they have?

I decided that I wanted to write about this. It is quite common for people to make new year resolutions. I think about 95% of the population does it (I’m just making numbers up here, but if you want some more “real” numbers, check this page out New Years Resolution Statistics). It’s nice to have goals, to plan what you want out of the year.

I’m not being sensitive I just wanted to share my opinion on it. I know that trolls exist on the internet, but when I always see friends posting memes, captions or statuses mocking or ridiculing the idea of resolutions. I think you’re an asshole. And I learned not to go to you to discuss my goals and dreams. I know some people might forget about their resolutions after January or maybe they just decided not to discuss it with you anymore.

Some people can’t achieveĀ their resolutions in one year. It can take a week, a month, a year or more than that. Personally, I’m always goal planning because I like having goals. I like achieving them but the reality is, sometimes it’s not possible. Sometimes goals or priorities change because life happens. Sometimes you realize you can’t achieve it in a year, so it makes your list every year. There is nothing wrong with that. You might realize that’s not what you wanted anymore. Or you realize it will definitely take longer than expected. Or maybe they had no one supporting their resolutions, so they just gave up.

The point of this post was to say this, don’t be an asshole in the new year. Instead, be supportive of your friends with goals. If they want to lose weight, help them reach those goals, go to the gym with them. If they want to travel, share your experiences of different places you have been to. If someone is looking for this year to start fresh, encourage it. Don’t be that negativity in someone’s life.


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