Month One

I know it has been awhile since I have written a personal post, so here I am.
I just wanted to let you know how I’m doing.

Surviving the first month

One month down and only six more to go. It’s surprising how time flies. One day, I’m struggling to purchase my books, and now I’m getting ready for midterms. I’m not only able to apply the things I have learned from my degree in my courses but also the studying skills that I learned in my last year at SFU. I’ve learned to study better which has helped my succeed in my first month. I’m happy with this decision because I am closer to achieving a goal. I am not only learning about my future job, but I am also learning a lot about myself. It’s weird, yet satisfying to see yourself grow as an individual. I have seen myself grow in the areas of communication. I’m not afraid to raise my hand, to answer a question, even if I may be wrong. When I’m wrong, I know I can count on someone to teach me the right way or explain to me how I can do it better.

I do not want to make surviving sound negative because this program is not a challenge at all. Something cannot be bad for you when you love it (right?). I love what I am going to do in a few short months and where this job will take me. I will not deny that I prefer some classes over others, but that doesn’t make the experience less enjoyable. I have made two great friends in my class, both who have the same work ethic as me, who are funny and understanding. They make the experience enjoyable. We get annoyed at the same things, we find certain things hilarious that others might not get, and we are 100% focused on what we want out of this. This makes make me happy, but also, stay focused. Having them in my support/study group makes this program better.



I just wanted to say that I’m doing well.

See you in month two!





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