Sunday Yoga Day 8: Healing & Meditation

Happy Day 8! I can’t believe I’m almost at ten days of yoga sessions. It’s amazing that I’ve kept at it, even though there have been times I want to quit.  The problem I am having is that I want to be a pro right off the bat. I know it’s not possible because it takes awhile for your body to get into it. I’m just a rusher. I want to be an expert quick.

Here’s Day 8:



Before my session:

I’m still feeling a little off ever since I had those moments of panic. I’m definitely trying my best to ensure that I don’t lose my focus.

During my session:

Okay, so there are always some poses that always make me want to quit. I thought I was an expert at squats until I tried the Malasana pose. Also, wouldn’t the word “two-legged pigeon” pose scare you a bit? I was terrified. I managed to do it, though!

After my session:

I felt good. I always do. I don’t think I ever feel worse then when I start. I enjoy my sessions because it allows me to just focus on my breathing, how I’m feeling and body movements.

So I know this has been my shortest post, I’m not getting lazy. I’ve been going through some family things that need my attention.


❤ Love you guys!




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