Sunday Yoga Day 15 & 16

I realized I forgot to schedule this post for last Sunday! Honestly, I haven't been putting in a lot of time for yoga. I have gone back to practicing my sessions sporadically because it has been a rough few weeks. I still try to keep track of them, though! Day 15: Half Hour Moon Practice… Continue reading Sunday Yoga Day 15 & 16


Don’t Worry About Me

There has been a constant "Oh, dear we hope you find someone soon!" or the oh-so familiar "You don't want to stay single for too long, you don't want to miss the boat"...What boat?  I haven't even arrived to the port. I'm not going to whine and complain that I'm sick of hearing that because… Continue reading Don’t Worry About Me

De-Clutter, Clutter

“The point is, you need to distinguish between what honestly moves you and what the world is telling you should melt your heart. If something doesn’t reach you on a personal level, let it go. It’s hard enough dealing with everything that does.” by Judi Culbertson The Clutter Cure:Three Steps to Letting Go of Stuff,… Continue reading De-Clutter, Clutter

The Unemployment Workout.

Yep, you read the title right. I've been sitting around trying to figure out how to release stress and embedded frustration from receiving multiple employment rejection letters. At first, I had the idea to start some sort of drinking game but that really could end badly. I mean, I was thinking about having a shot… Continue reading The Unemployment Workout.