I will make time for…

So I was inspired to write this post after watching one of my favourite youtubers, she made a video about what she plans on making more time for in her life and picked 5 different things. As I was watching it, I realized I'm always saying I'm going to do certain things but I never… Continue reading I will make time for…


Every single time I write

Every single time I write to you. I feel so exposed. I'm sharing a piece of me with you. I let you see my weaknesses, my strengths what makes me tick and what makes me smile. I feel so exposed but so content. All that I had bottled up inside is now being aired out.… Continue reading Every single time I write

International Day of Peace

It's International Day of Peace! In a world filled with chaos, stories filling up our news feeds and timelines about devastation, political conflicts and unrest, sometimes we forget that there is more good in the world than "evil". These issues do have an impact on how we see the world, how we see people and… Continue reading International Day of Peace

Don’t Worry About Me

There has been a constant "Oh, dear we hope you find someone soon!" or the oh-so familiar "You don't want to stay single for too long, you don't want to miss the boat"...What boat?  I haven't even arrived to the port. I'm not going to whine and complain that I'm sick of hearing that because… Continue reading Don’t Worry About Me