Newton’s Third Law & My Life

We all have struggles, they're all different. Some times we are dealt a crappy card deal. Some times you can have it all. The most important thing about dealing with success and with struggles is your behaviour and attitude. At some point, you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself, other times you really need… Continue reading Newton’s Third Law & My Life

Every single time I write

Every single time I write to you. I feel so exposed. I'm sharing a piece of me with you. I let you see my weaknesses, my strengths what makes me tick and what makes me smile. I feel so exposed but so content. All that I had bottled up inside is now being aired out.… Continue reading Every single time I write

Lack of experience, unprepared for the real world

So I'm writing this to you while I sip on my raspberry mint lemonade, I got lost in my thoughts and decided to share.  If you've read many of my posts, they've all been filled with regret, with sadness and perhaps with a bit of disappointment in myself. You all know that I haven't been… Continue reading Lack of experience, unprepared for the real world