Don’t Worry About Me

There has been a constant “Oh, dear we hope you find someone soon!” or the oh-so familiar “You don’t want to stay single for too long, you don’t want to miss the boat”…What boat?  I haven’t even arrived to the port. I’m not going to whine and complain that I’m sick of hearing that because I really just don’t care. Even though I am writing a post about it…The problem is people concern themselves with issues that they don’t need to. I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded people who either are in amazing relationships, married, engaged or are single like me who just don’t give a crap about what others have to say about their relationship status. Yes, you’ll hear me say wow, my friends are getting engaged and married or into relationships and I’m still here…but I say it proudly because one day or sooner, I will be one of those friends too or not.

I’ve gotten a few “but you know you don’t want to be too old to start a family” or “you’ve been single for two years? but how do you manage?”. It’s a simple yet quite fascinating answer. I just don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, If someone were to ask me out right now, I would consider it. Why? Well, because I am okay with being in a relationship or being single. I don’t need people to dictate when I should be ready or that I should hurry because it’s none of their business. I’m happy being single and I’ll be happy in a relationship. My relationship status does not dictate my level of happiness. I have more important things to worry about like finding a job that makes me happy, living a life that I can be proud of, being happy with my family, going out with friends, having fun. If I am able to share that with someone one day or if I don’t, I’m cool with that.

You’re telling me that I’m getting close to my thirties and it’ll be harder to have kids. Well, it’s my body, my concern. Don’t you worry about me. I know what I’m doing with my life. You just focus on yours. Seriously, I’m good. So if you’re going through this weird phase where everyone is asking and providing if’s, ands, or buts about your life, just say this magical words, Don’t worry about me. It may come off as rude to the person, it may come off as weird or arrogant or whatever but in the end, you’re the only one who can determine what you do with your life whether you date or you don’t, get into a serious relationship, whether you say yes to marriage or prefer to stay single, it’s your life.


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