From the ground to the sky and back down again

I promised I would write about my trip more in depth, I have been going through my journal and picking out things I’d like to share but since it was a great experience overall, it’s taking me quite longer than expected. So maybe I’ll just share some excerpts that reflected how I was feeling before, during and after my trip.

“I know I should be excited but I’m more nervous about it all. This trip came at a time that I definitely needed it, but I worry that nothing changes. I’m about to see the world, well, a glimpse of what I’ve been missing out on. I worry when I come back that nothing in my personal life changes” (August 28th, 2015)
IMG_1742“Okay, I am on flight right now and I thought this day would never come. To fly over my city, to fly above and in-between clouds has left me speechless and breathless. We are so blessed, it’s beautiful. My nerves are calming down, its so weird flying through clouds, to fly through so much white, to see nothing but clouds and brightness” (There were a lot of clouds in Vancouver air space, but after that there was so much to see)


“Flying over Alberta, the ground looks like patches of fabric stitched together, or like a knitted blanket with different colours”

“Ah, it’s so pretty, the view from the plane is so stunning. I get what Lorde meant in her song now. They do look like veins, scars and even birthmarks. I sound ridiculous, but it looks amazing. Rivers from here look so glimmer, mountains so grand but tiny”

(also, here’s the song that I’m talking about)

“I can’t even find the words to explain how I feel. I feel whole. I knew one day I would fly. It feels fine. It feels natural” (August 30th, 2015)


“[We] ran on the beach this morning, it definitely wasn’t like the movies. I tried to look flawless, it failed but at least I worked out” (August 31st, 2015)

At this point, I was just summarizing in my journal about my daily events because I started getting super involved in the activities so now I’ll just share some pictures of our trip.


So we went horseback riding on the beach, passed a stunning laguna and between date trees and it was honestly the best thing that had ever happened to me. I loved my horse, I loved how I felt and how great and confident I felt on this day. (Although, I did get a major sunburn from this).


Our hotel at night looked amazing. Okay, it looked amazing no matter the weather. Mexican architecture, it’s plant life, it’s colour made me feel like I was in one of those mansions that I see in my moms novelas (Spanish Soap Operas). It’s so stunning, but we also got to see how much work goes into it while walking around the town, we saw how early people are up and working, it made us appreciate what they do, not just those in Mexico but everyone around the world who works hard to construct great buildings, our homes, etc. It reminded me a lot of my dad, since this is what he does on a daily basis. So we got a little teary eyed thinking of our dad working hard while we’re on vacation that they worked hard to give us.


One of the days, we also went to the local artisan market to buy stuff for our friends and family. It was quite a long walk there since we had no idea where we were going but then when we got there, we had to work on our bargaining skills (which I failed at) but it was fun to get things for our family. There were a lot of cute things, a lot of colourful and spiritual things. I wanted to bring everything with me so that I wouldn’t forget our trip but how can I?


Every night there was a show or some sort of activity which really made the experience even more enjoyable. The shows varied from retro night, to boogie night, Mexico night, Celebrity night, and even an all White party on our last night. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun dancing and laughing for a whole week.

One of the days we went to San Lucas, we were told that if we only stayed in San Jose, we would not experience Cabos in general. So we booked a day trip to San Lucas, went on a tequila tasting tour, an aqua tour that took us over the scuba diving area where you could see tropical fish, we saw a sea lion colony and as well as the famous Cabos Arc. I think my favourite part of this trip was that we were on two bodies of sea at once, we were on the Gulf of Cortez and then the PacifIMG_2015ic Ocean. I think that was the coolest part of this. On that same day, we went to the mall and bought some outfits for that nights show which was latin night or something like that. I just think I wanted a dress. I think the other best part of this day is that I overcame a fear of being on a glass bottom boat on the ocean…we all know how I feel about water (well, if you don’t let me explain, I don’t like being in deep parts of water because I feel afraid of not being able to touch the ground. If I can’t touch it or have something supporting me, I find it terrifying). Anyway, this was a glorious experience to see a beautiful piece of our world.

On our last night, we attended a all white party which was actually quite awesome because I had been quite bummed about not attending the diner en blanc in Vancouver the week before. So let me explain the picture, they are part of the entertainment crew, Frankie, Eduardo and Maddy. We became really good friends, for example, Maddy and I naturally ended up being the class clowns during our spanish lesson (IMG_2125not a serious class but still). I think we spent most of the time laughing and making fun of our instructor…(don’t worry he’s part of the entertainment crew). Anyway, I can’t say it enough, they made this trip a lot more fun. Their jokes, inclusiveness of everyone, their spirit and contagiousness really rubbed off on me and my sister. They made us get involved in almost every activity which was actually such a good idea, we regret that on our first night we went to bed early. I’m really going to miss this group, the environment, even my haunted room experience, the conversation, the people I met, the view, the scenery, the air, the water, even myself. I feel like I came back a different person, I can’t wait to go on another trip. I feel like I need to see the world a lot more to feel more like me.

IMG_2194Until next time Mexico.

I hope that you like the photos, I know they’re not much. I know my post is all over the place but at some point, I just was too busy enjoying myself that I didn’t even bother to write how I was feeling or how certain people made me feel but now that I’m back it’s all settled but I can only relive the moments and basically just smile about how it all made me feel. I hope to one day see them again but I also can’t wait to broaden my worldly experience by meeting other people from around the world.


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