My first bucketlist

I just wanted to share that it's such a beautiful day today! I've been sitting on my bed just admiring how gorgeous it is. I have had such a productive morning--I'm trying to build good habits still and just have some sort of routine. I started cleaning my room and came across a lot of… Continue reading My first bucketlist


2015 Favourites

So 2015 has come and is almost gone! This means it is time to share with you some of my favourite things-- what I tried, ate, listened to, wore, etc, etc.  I'm pretty sure that I'll miss some things or go on about other things. Let's get started! Online/Social World Favourites: Favourite Social Platform: Instagram--Why? Because I… Continue reading 2015 Favourites

Conversations with myself

Sometimes I do get restless and other times I feel secured. 11 different schools and many different homes, unpacked boxes filing storage, just in case we'd have to go again. There were new faces, new names and then there was me. I remained unchanged. Curious, Skeptical, Unsure. I got used to being a drifter. I… Continue reading Conversations with myself