Conversations with myself

Sometimes I do get restless and other times I feel secured.

11 different schools and many different homes,

unpacked boxes filing storage, just in case we’d have to go again.

There were new faces, new names and then there was me.

I remained unchanged. Curious, Skeptical, Unsure.

I got used to being a drifter. I never got attached to anything or anyone.

It’s been 6 years and here I am, same old place, same old people.

I’m feeling a little restless, but you’re the only thing that makes sense.

I want roots like you do, a history, not small little memories of what used to be

where I used to be and how I used to be.

Sometimes I do feel restless thinking about how much I want this.

I remain unchanged. I’m still curious, still skeptical and still unsure.

I have boxes, just in case that we get caught in that whirlwind all over again.


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