My first bucketlist

I just wanted to share that it’s such a beautiful day today! I’ve been sitting on my bed just admiring how gorgeous it is. I have had such a productive morning–I’m trying to build good habits still and just have some sort of routine. I started cleaning my room and came across a lot of my old journals. I actually found my first journal ever. It’s one of those fuzzy leopard print ones…yeah be jealous.

Anyway, I was reading through some of the entries and I actually came across my first bucket list ever. So I figured I’d share that little entry with you and talk about whether I’ve accomplished those goals and if they match up to ones I have now.

So I’m going to type it out on here rather than show a picture of it because it is quite faded. A reminder I was 13 years old when I first wrote this, and I was also experiencing my first crush and so this list was created to keep myself in check.

August 8th, 2003

“…we’d go on lots of dates, it’s so great, but it’s only in dreams, because I want to study, get a good job with chemicals working at NASA and having a Chevy Trail Blazer….I want to play the saxophone…These are my wishes and goals:

  1. become more smarter, study harder, think harder, less playing
  2. become a chemist and work at NASA–study more
  3. Get a Chevy Trailblazer with a CD player, cool lights, 7 passengers in blue–work harder, earn lots of money
  4. Buy my parents a car and house –earn and save lots of money
  5. make my parents proud
  6. make it into space
  7. When all of this is done, I’ve learned everything. I still want to be single.
  8. Go to Europe to study more



I was hilarious…just kidding. Okay, so even at 13 I had this ‘work hard, study hard’ mentality. And I guess, I was always a keener. I assume that I will always be a keener. So let me break this down now. I still believe in studying hard, but I don’t believe in “playing less”. I actually do want more fun in my life, I think it helps balance out my work hard mentality, plus we deserve a break after accomplishing so many things every day.

The whole “become a chemist and work at NASA” was short lived, because shortly after I wanted to become a marine biologist, a volcanologist, seismologist, and a whole lot more. There was a trend as to why I wanted to be all of these things. I just thoroughly enjoyed research, and I believe I’m now on the right track to do just that.

I don’t want a Chevy Trailblazer anymore. I was very specific to what I wanted back then and I still am. I already have a car, but my next two shall be awesome as well. I still want a CD player in my car, btw.

Oh number four, this will always be something I want to do for my parents. They have given me so much and I hope one day, I can do just that for them. I still try to make them proud, they say they are, but I still want to do anything to continue making them proud.

Haha, space…go into space…yikes. This still might be something I wouldn’t mind doing, but I don’t know how I feel about it.

Oh number 7, this hilarious. How does a 13-year-old even say this…perhaps I was telling myself my own future. I don’t necessarily know where I stand on this on most days. Some days, I’m all I don’t want to be single, other days I’m all for the ‘single life for me is just fine’. Again, I haven’t finished accomplishing my goals, but I also don’t mind accomplishing them alongside another person. Either way still works for me. I was just talking to one of my friends the other night, and we talked about this stuff. I know I want to be self-sufficient before I can involve another person in my life. Apparently I wanted to be single forever. (LOL) SMH

Number 8 has changed. I still want to go to Europe, but to travel and explore…but I guess you can still call it learning…I’d learn so much about the culture, the history, and stuff about myself probably.

This was quite funny to look at. I’m sure I have many more bucket lists throughout every journal I own, but since this was my first one, I wanted to see how much as changed in 12 years and I guess not too much has. Well, physically things changed…if you get what I mean….but I guess my priorities have always been the same. Also, I never learned to play the saxophone…I sing, though.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as my mother and sister did.


2 thoughts on “My first bucketlist”

    1. haha thank you! It’s something a little similar, of course, I don’t want to go into space at the moment. Still want to get good grades, buy myself a place, get a good job, travel for a bit…stuff like that. haha


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