The problem with loveĀ 

I've never had a way with words, I've always let my actions speak for me. I've also never been the type to let people in easily,  I'm not saying I let you in easily. It has been a constant struggle. I battled with myself and then it hit me. I just let you have it.… Continue reading The problem with loveĀ 

Year End Thanks

With only a few days to count down to the new year, I wanted to share things that I have learned and been thankful for this year. This year solidified my long-term goal. I won't share too much about that, but this is something that I really want and will continue to work towards. I… Continue reading Year End Thanks

My first bucketlist

I just wanted to share that it's such a beautiful day today! I've been sitting on my bed just admiring how gorgeous it is. I have had such a productive morning--I'm trying to build good habits still and just have some sort of routine. I started cleaning my room and came across a lot of… Continue reading My first bucketlist