Quick Lesson on Life

So you all know how I'm working on my writing. I love writing whether it stays private or sharing it with you guys. I'm obviously not quite where I want it to be and I keep experimenting with different writing formats. Some I can easily manage and feel quite proud and then there is one… Continue reading Quick Lesson on Life

The post-grad struggle.

So you've recently just graduated or you're about to graduate and well, now it's time to find a job. How thrilling, how exciting, how dreadful and tiring. You've sent in countless resumes, written over 30 cover letters, you've applied to every job you could think of, you even applied to jobs you don't even know… Continue reading The post-grad struggle.

Go Hard or Go Home

Happy New Year!! It's already day two, how crazy is that? You know what that means..it means it's time for new adventures. For me it means starting my last semester of my undergraduate degree and getting my life sorted out. I don't know what 2015 has in store for me or for you but I… Continue reading Go Hard or Go Home