Go Hard or Go Home

Happy New Year!!
It’s already day two, how crazy is that? You know what that means..it means it’s time for new adventures. For me it means starting my last semester of my undergraduate degree and getting my life sorted out. I don’t know what 2015 has in store for me or for you but I guess we will find out. I’ve decided to not really talk about my 2015 goals out loud but rather keep them in my journal for a constant reminder of all the crazy things I plan to do and things I’d like to accomplish. I’m really excited for this year and I hope all of you are too. It’s another year to live.
I really don’t know what else to write about quite yet because the year JUST started so goals and resolutions are the topic of the day!
So here are some tips to making sure you make 2015 the year to not hold back, to make it the year we all shine.

1. Step out of your comfort zone: In order for most goals and dreams to be accomplished, you must take the plunge, the big step. Don’t hide from what you know you can do because you are scared. I’m here to tell you, you can do it. Yes, it could take some time, but make 2015 the year you decide to finally take that step.

2. Stay on top of your game: Okay, so we all have days where things just don’t work out and that’s fine. But don’t lose motivation completely! It will happen where you might not be losing as much weight as you wanted or didn’t get the job right away–remember, it is all about progress. One pound is still a pound, that job didn’t pan out because there could be something better along the road. My point is don’t lose focus of your dreams. A career advisor at my university told me, sometimes you have to do other things (that will help you stand out on an application or on your resume) before you finally get to where you really want to be. It’s all a learning process. I’ve also been told to have a vision board that reminds me of what I want to do. I actually haven’t started that because I usually just have a list in my journal that I cross off every time I accomplish a goal. Find what works for you. There are some people who always stay motivated and you’re so flabbergasted at how motivated they are, but some of us mere mortals do need a constant reminder. So, I’d also talk to some of these highly motivated people and talk to them. Sometimes all you need is a good mentor.

3. Stay positive: I’m the worst for this one, especially when dealing with family health problems and exams. I won’t lie. Bad things do happen. We lose friends, family, pets, jobs, etc. It can get hard. But trying to have a positive outlook will really help you from falling into bad habits. When you are going through the hardest parts in life, that is usually when we pick up a bad habit or go back to another old one. If your goals are to not give into a bad habit, staying positive during the had times will really keep you on track. Sometimes you may not be positive or stay positive, so by surrounding yourself with people who are positive can also help. Just don’t be so dependent on the motivation of others because that can also become a bad habit.

4. Take a moment to reflect: So we live in a world where we are constantly moving. We are all always busy. Work, school, errands, chores, etc. There is always something in our schedules. There is one passage in the bible that talks about there being time for everything in life. It says there is a time for love, loss, crying, anger, etc. So this means, there is time for you. There are many ways people find time for themselves. Some people go to the gym, others for long walks, others travel, others read, you get the point. Find time for you. Care for your self, your soul and you can accomplish much. There was this article that I read that talked about if you take time to take care for yourself and find inner love and peace, you will find yourself caring more about the world (in a non-materialistic sense).You will be more aware. So if your goals are to care more or fight a cause, start by loving yourself. Love your body, love who you are and it will all come.

5. Document: This is something that I do and you don’t necessarily have to do. I write mostly everything down–from how I feel, to what I did to where I went or plan to go. I keep a memory jar for the things that make me smile and I like to take photos. It allows me to go back to something and remind myself of past things, whether it was a good feeling or a bad feeling. I enjoy the good ones, but sometimes it is good to remind yourself of bad things so that you know how to handle a similar situation better or perhaps find a way to make sure you don’t ever feel that way again. I like to write down everything. I’m not a really good writer but it is something that allows me to express my feelings and thoughts when my voice cannot. I do this especially when I am angry. I really don’t like being angry, it’s a horrible emotion. Anger is usually what prevents us from moving on. So by writing it down rather than saying it, I feel better and I don’t hurt someones feelings over something that could be settled so easily without nasty and spiteful words (I can get quite angry). Anyway, this ties in back to that vision board, by writing things down you can keep track of things and stay organized to meet those goals. It’s also to keep a reminder of what you want and what you need in order to accomplish said goals and dreams.

This is all I really have for you today. I really hope that it helps. I do hope 2015 is filled with lots of love and lots of blessings. It’s a brand new year, start off strong, stay strong and end strong. Go Hard or Go home is my motto. I believe you can begin to accomplish those dreams. You never want to say “it’s too late” because it never is…unless you never start. So cheers to writing your book for 2015.

Let’s make it happen!



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