Beauty Favourites: Empties Review

So I was going to do individual posts for each of these products and then I figured I could probably squeeze them into one post. I decided that I wanted to share some of my favourite products after I actually finished them all. We live in a society where we mass consume and try different things without actually sometimes finishing a product. I didn’t want to do that since I’m trying to reduce the amount I consume and I try to recycle each product container and packaging properly.

I’m also trying to more conscious about what I put on my body and what I use, although sometimes the more conscious products aren’t so “conscious”price wise. I do try to find drugstore dupes especially when I know I can’t afford the expensive stuff that I love.

Anyway, so here are my beauty favourites.

Saje Crystal Fresh Deodorant, Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum, Origins Night-A-Mins Cream

One of my favourite products by-far that I have used this year is the Saje Exotic Crystal Fresh Deodorant (Saje Exotic Deodorant), which I absolutely love not only because it’s a crystal spray but because of how protected I feel and I can reapply if I need to by just spraying. My favourite part of this is the scent. It has vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and rosewood but to me all of this makes it smell like rosemary which I really like. I think the important thing about this is that when I do begin to sweat, it doesn’t start smelling like deodorant like most drugstore ones and I can’t stand the smell of them. It just smells fresh and it’s not so overpowering.

One of my skin favourites this year, that not only felt good on my skin but saved my skin from all elements and helped heal my sunburn from Mexico was the Aquasource Deep Serum from Biotherm. Not only did my skin feel a lot better, I noticed my skin was looking a lot better too. Since I suffer from cystic acne, some products tend to irritate my skin a lot more making it harder for them to heal. This product really soothed and left my skin feeling happy and dewy. It was great to wear underneath makeup or on its own. I just loved how my face drank it up and it felt so good.

I used the deep serum in the mornings which meant I needed to find something to put on at night. I wanted to pair it with something that really would help my skin at night and wake up feeling soft, good and glowy. I really enjoyed using my Sephora points and getting this sample of High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream which lasted me a good four months. It’s one of those products you don’t need a lot of. It was a nice thick consistency, I would apply it after cleansing my face and right before bed. My face loved this too. It really did help my skin a lot especially when it got super dry or when my face looked quite tired and dull. I really liked pairing it with the Biotherm serum. Unfortunately, I can’t afford both of these products now, so I have to find something that does the job of these two products.

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

Lastly, my favourite hair care products. I remember trying Ogx body lotions and absolutely loving it. So I decided to try their shampoo and conditioner line. I decided to go for their Nourishing Coconut Milk line. During the summer, this was my favourite hands down. I just felt like I was a walking tropical vacation. My hair smelled glorious and it felt really nice and soft. I used it alongside my coconut oil on most days to really get it looking healthy and strong. The only issue is that I had to squeeze it out most of the time and I sometimes don’t like having to spend so long to get out the right amount for my hair. Other than that, I loved this shampoo and I can’t wait to finish this other brand I bought so I can go back to this one or even try another one of their lines.

So I hope you found this super helpful. Of course, this all my opinion and my experience with them was actually wonderful. I can’t say that you’ll all share the same view as mine but i just thought I’d spread the review love on some pretty good products. If anyone has some good recommendations, feel free to comment below!


Leighton Meester: Heartstrings

So on Sunday night, my sister and I had the pleasure of going to a small, intimate concert. It was quite lovely, it was at a local theatre–Rio Theatre. How does one explain this theatre, it has been around for quite some time and it has this really cool hipster vibe. Although it was raining and cold and we also saw an almost tragic accident. It was quite the night.
The night started off with a local Vancouver band–Savvie. Savannah, the lead singer has pretty awesome vocals. Her band was quite interesting. They were all so different, but it worked. Their music felt like a combination of grunge rock with some indie wrapped up in there with some heartfelt vocals. The lyrics were pretty well-written. I’m glad this local band is getting some stage time. I look forward to hearing and seeing them more often.
After they played about five songs, the lovely, down-to-earth Leighton Meester came on. She started off with her single “Heartstrings”. Leighton Meester is the cutest human being ever. She came out in regular clothes, nothing too fancy, it was intimate, casual and so personal. Even though my sister and I had a hard time seeing (we’re both around 5 ft tall). We enjoyed the music thoroughly. Her voice is sweet and soft. She exposes her vulnerable side. Her country cover was amazing. Who knew that Blair Waldorf could sing? Okay, actually I did. Which is why I wanted to go. Anyway, If you haven’t heard her sing. You really should. Her music is calming and sincere. You can feel the emotions throughout each song. The tempo, the beat, every single bit was perfect. There was no complaints, only that I’m too short for concerts and some tall people have no considerations.
I had a great Sunday night. There’s nothing like listening to some music in an old theatre while eating popcorn.

Review: Lemongrass Deodorant

I’ve never actually written a review before, so I’m extremely nervous at how it may go. Recently, my body and skin has gone haywire, I’ve always suffered from cystic acne but this time around it’s pretty bad and my whole body has reacted weird to different products. Someone told me, I could have a lot of toxins in my system, so I decided to start purchasing toxin-free products and reducing the amount of ‘bad’ food that I eat. Since I like make-up, lotions and all of those kinds of products, I decided to give this deodorant a try. It’s from Rocky Mountain Soap Co, a company that aims to make their products toxin free and with natural products. I love that, as a society we tend to use a lot of chemically produced products that can have terrible effects on our bodies and skin. I would know, I have sensitive skin and I can’t apply to much on it or else it gets bad. I’ve decided to detox my body, but I also don’t want to look scary because of my skin or smell bad by using other products that are natural but don’t last too long.

I was quite hesitant because I’ve tried other liquid crystal deodorants and they didn’t protect for long periods of time. I actually don’t have that problem with their deodorant. It’s reasonably priced, around $8.50, I chose lemongrass because I think it’s the most energizing and invigorating smell out there. I gave it the ultimate test–wearing it to the gym. I thought it was going to not make it through the hour gym session but to my surprise, there was no sweaty, smelly pits. I could only smell the lemongrass, which was great. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I’m just really impressed with it. My pits are even starting to look better and not so dark anymore which is great because summer is just around the corner and I’ve always had really ugly pits. So I’m thinking it had to do with all the chemicals I was putting on them. This was my first purchase ever and I will continue to buy it because I just love it. I’m super excited to keep trying more of their products.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.05.26 PM

Leibster Award

I’ve been nominated for an award?!?! What? No way! I actually almost missed it. It had gone to my spam folder and I was checking my notifications and boom!
Before I continue to share my excitement, I guess I should explain the award. It’s for newer blogs with less than 200 followers. I didn’t expect to be noticed and yet here I sit writing about an award. I think there’s something nice about an unexpected award. It’s only happened to me once before, I was volunteering at an event, ended up leaving with an award and I didn’t expect it. I love it. People recognizing the skills and abilities of others. I like it.


So first of all I want to thank Good Woman for the nomination! It really means so much to a newbie to have been recognized by someone who has been nominated for this award three times! I cannot wait to pass on this awesome feeling that I’m feeling.

Oh, I should mention the rules right about now right?

1. Thank & link the person who nominated you. [x]
2. Answer the questions given by the nominator [x]
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers, with < 200 followers & link them [x]
4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer [x]
5. Notify the Nominees [x]

Here are the answers to my questions!

What is the best advice you ever received?
The best advice…mhmmm…my parents give a lot of good advice. I think the best one is to focus on myself first and then others. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with yourself first before you go and help others. If you can’t help yourself, you really can’t help others.

What is one skill you wish you had, but sadly lack?
Playing the piano. I can sing and I wish I had taken more time to actually learn to play. I sometimes try but like all things in life, I have to find the time still.

How do you fit blogging into your life?
I have always been writing from a young age, I’ve always kept a journal so transitioning into the blogging world wasn’t too difficult. I try to write as much as I can and it really helps me feel great.

What one post on your blog are you most proud of?
The blog I’m post proud of is Mirror Mirror… because I really poured my heart out. I was so afraid of what my friends or people would think when I exposed myself as a person but I have never regretted it.

What is your favorite place in the world?
I have five of them. Is that weird? In the summer, my favourite place in the world is on top of a mound at Blackie Spit Park by Crescent Beach in White Rock, Vancouver. I like going there when the grass is this crusty gold colour and I like to sit there and just smell that ocean breeze and close my eyes. I’ve gone to cure heart aches there. It works. In the winter, my favourite place in the world is Whistler. When I was younger my family used to drive up all the time for the day and as I got older, we went less. I love Whistler though. I love the snow and the atmosphere. I just like walking around and taking it all in. Whistler reminds me of my freedom. The next place is actually my room, it’s my oasis when I can’t go to my other places. It has music, lights, candles, over 100 books and pillows. I sometimes love just locking myself in there and lay on my bed while I read. It’s a mini vacation. The fourth place is any bookstore. Weird right? Books have always been a thing for me. They have always been a part of my life. Whenever I’m stressed I just walk across the street and hang around Chapters for a good few hours even if I don’t buy anything. I just feel such comfort. The last place is the Pekoe Tea Lounge. It’s a cute little tea shop. I was going through a tough time after a break up and my moms health, so while she was in the hospital, I was across the street reading and drinking tea. What I love about it is that you’re able to pick the tea cup you want to drink out of.

What three words would you use to describe your self?
Ambitious, Friendly and Weird

What is your favorite color and why?
Another favourite’s question? ahhh. I have so many favourites. I literally can’t pick just one but I’ll try. PURPLE. BLUE. GREEN. Purple. I love purple because it’s not pink. Blue & Green because they make me happy plus if you’re a Vancouver Canucks fan…I love rocking my jersey!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
OLD CITIES! Think of Paris, Amsterdam, Rome…you know places with cute little coffee shops and amazing country views. Where the buildings are so magnificent and tell a story.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Walk around with my sister. We tend to have amazing life conversations and silly ones as well. She’s my best friend so whenever we do something, whatever it is, it’s a lot of fun.

Do you prefer dogs, cats, or neither? Why?
I used to be only a birds, bunnies and dog person until we also got a cat. Oh, we also had a fish! Most of them rescues (actually the majority of our pets have been rescues), we like animals. We want a farm. Almost there!

What personal habit in others annoys you the most?
Eating Habits or when I can hear people breathing. I know some people have conditions but if you’re eating and I can hear you breathing…it really makes me cringe. Apparently that’s some sort of brain disorder…but whatever.

Now that we’ve got my questions answered, I guess I should tell you my nominees!

My Nominees are:
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I can’t wait to see your responses! Also, here are my 11 questions:

1. What is one important thing you’ve learned?
2. Tea or Coffee?
3. If you were stuck on an island, what would/who would you want with you? Why?
4. Would you rather travel for the rest of your life or stay in one place?
5. What’s your favourite part of blogging?
6. What is your biggest fear?
7. What do you plan on getting out of blogging?
8. What was your favourite topic in school?
9. What is your favourite season?
10. Books or movies?
11. Name one thing that bothers you about our society.

Go Hard or Go Home

Happy New Year!!
It’s already day two, how crazy is that? You know what that means it’s time for new adventures. For me it means starting my last semester of my undergraduate degree and getting my life sorted out. I don’t know what 2015 has in store for me or for you but I guess we will find out. I’ve decided to not really talk about my 2015 goals out loud but rather keep them in my journal for a constant reminder of all the crazy things I plan to do and things I’d like to accomplish. I’m really excited for this year and I hope all of you are too. It’s another year to live.
I really don’t know what else to write about quite yet because the year JUST started so goals and resolutions are the topic of the day!
So here are some tips to making sure you make 2015 the year to not hold back, to make it the year we all shine.

1. Step out of your comfort zone: In order for most goals and dreams to be accomplished, you must take the plunge, the big step. Don’t hide from what you know you can do because you are scared. I’m here to tell you, you can do it. Yes, it could take some time, but make 2015 the year you decide to finally take that step.

2. Stay on top of your game: Okay, so we all have days where things just don’t work out and that’s fine. But don’t lose motivation completely! It will happen where you might not be losing as much weight as you wanted or didn’t get the job right away–remember, it is all about progress. One pound is still a pound, that job didn’t pan out because there could be something better along the road. My point is don’t lose focus of your dreams. A career advisor at my university told me, sometimes you have to do other things (that will help you stand out on an application or on your resume) before you finally get to where you really want to be. It’s all a learning process. I’ve also been told to have a vision board that reminds me of what I want to do. I actually haven’t started that because I usually just have a list in my journal that I cross off every time I accomplish a goal. Find what works for you. There are some people who always stay motivated and you’re so flabbergasted at how motivated they are, but some of us mere mortals do need a constant reminder. So, I’d also talk to some of these highly motivated people and talk to them. Sometimes all you need is a good mentor.

3. Stay positive: I’m the worst for this one, especially when dealing with family health problems and exams. I won’t lie. Bad things do happen. We lose friends, family, pets, jobs, etc. It can get hard. But trying to have a positive outlook will really help you from falling into bad habits. When you are going through the hardest parts in life, that is usually when we pick up a bad habit or go back to another old one. If your goals are to not give into a bad habit, staying positive during the had times will really keep you on track. Sometimes you may not be positive or stay positive, so by surrounding yourself with people who are positive can also help. Just don’t be so dependent on the motivation of others because that can also become a bad habit.

4. Take a moment to reflect: So we live in a world where we are constantly moving. We are all always busy. Work, school, errands, chores, etc. There is always something in our schedules. There is one passage in the bible that talks about there being time for everything in life. It says there is a time for love, loss, crying, anger, etc. So this means, there is time for you. There are many ways people find time for themselves. Some people go to the gym, others for long walks, others travel, others read, you get the point. Find time for you. Care for your self, your soul and you can accomplish much. There was this article that I read that talked about if you take time to take care for yourself and find inner love and peace, you will find yourself caring more about the world (in a non-materialistic sense).You will be more aware. So if your goals are to care more or fight a cause, start by loving yourself. Love your body, love who you are and it will all come.

5. Document: This is something that I do and you don’t necessarily have to do. I write mostly everything down–from how I feel, to what I did to where I went or plan to go. I keep a memory jar for the things that make me smile and I like to take photos. It allows me to go back to something and remind myself of past things, whether it was a good feeling or a bad feeling. I enjoy the good ones, but sometimes it is good to remind yourself of bad things so that you know how to handle a similar situation better or perhaps find a way to make sure you don’t ever feel that way again. I like to write down everything. I’m not a really good writer but it is something that allows me to express my feelings and thoughts when my voice cannot. I do this especially when I am angry. I really don’t like being angry, it’s a horrible emotion. Anger is usually what prevents us from moving on. So by writing it down rather than saying it, I feel better and I don’t hurt someones feelings over something that could be settled so easily without nasty and spiteful words (I can get quite angry). Anyway, this ties in back to that vision board, by writing things down you can keep track of things and stay organized to meet those goals. It’s also to keep a reminder of what you want and what you need in order to accomplish said goals and dreams.

This is all I really have for you today. I really hope that it helps. I do hope 2015 is filled with lots of love and lots of blessings. It’s a brand new year, start off strong, stay strong and end strong. Go Hard or Go home is my motto. I believe you can begin to accomplish those dreams. You never want to say “it’s too late” because it never is…unless you never start. So cheers to writing your book for 2015.

Let’s make it happen!