Review: Lemongrass Deodorant

I’ve never actually written a review before, so I’m extremely nervous at how it may go. Recently, my body and skin has gone haywire, I’ve always suffered from cystic acne but this time around it’s pretty bad and my whole body has reacted weird to different products. Someone told me, I could have a lot of toxins in my system, so I decided to start purchasing toxin-free products and reducing the amount of ‘bad’ food that I eat. Since I like make-up, lotions and all of those kinds of products, I decided to give this deodorant a try. It’s from Rocky Mountain Soap Co, a company that aims to make their products toxin free and with natural products. I love that, as a society we tend to use a lot of chemically produced products that can have terrible effects on our bodies and skin. I would know, I have sensitive skin and I can’t apply to much on it or else it gets bad. I’ve decided to detox my body, but I also don’t want to look scary because of my skin or smell bad by using other products that are natural but don’t last too long.

I was quite hesitant because I’ve tried other liquid crystal deodorants and they didn’t protect for long periods of time. I actually don’t have that problem with their deodorant. It’s reasonably priced, around $8.50, I chose lemongrass because I think it’s the most energizing and invigorating smell out there. I gave it the ultimate test–wearing it to the gym. I thought it was going to not make it through the hour gym session but to my surprise, there was no sweaty, smelly pits. I could only smell the lemongrass, which was great. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I’m just really impressed with it. My pits are even starting to look better and not so dark anymore which is great because summer is just around the corner and I’ve always had really ugly pits. So I’m thinking it had to do with all the chemicals I was putting on them. This was my first purchase ever and I will continue to buy it because I just love it. I’m super excited to keep trying more of their products.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.05.26 PM


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