& he worked hard is while life,

never complaining, just kept going.

Giving us all he could,

never complaining, only pushing through.

Gave us all shelter, clothes & food.

never complaining, always with a smile.

most of all he gave us love, the way a father should.

1 thought on “Father”

  1. I read this poem and its real heart felt. I am remembering the absence of Father (my heavenly father always had my back). Things that I wished that happened and never did. Never having the pleasure to experience these sentiments. However I have learned that we all have the power to change and make a negative a positive. So I look toward the future in my fatherhood, and try my hardest to remember that although Father is a very meaningful word, all are human too! Sometimes forgiveness is not just for the person you wish it upon, but yourself too.

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