Leighton Meester: Heartstrings

So on Sunday night, my sister and I had the pleasure of going to a small, intimate concert. It was quite lovely, it was at a local theatre–Rio Theatre. How does one explain this theatre, it has been around for quite some time and it has this really cool hipster vibe. Although it was raining and cold and we also saw an almost tragic accident. It was quite the night.
The night started off with a local Vancouver band–Savvie. Savannah, the lead singer has pretty awesome vocals. Her band was quite interesting. They were all so different, but it worked. Their music felt like a combination of grunge rock with some indie wrapped up in there with some heartfelt vocals. The lyrics were pretty well-written. I’m glad this local band is getting some stage time. I look forward to hearing and seeing them more often.
After they played about five songs, the lovely, down-to-earth Leighton Meester came on. She started off with her single “Heartstrings”. Leighton Meester is the cutest human being ever. She came out in regular clothes, nothing too fancy, it was intimate, casual and so personal. Even though my sister and I had a hard time seeing (we’re both around 5 ft tall). We enjoyed the music thoroughly. Her voice is sweet and soft. She exposes her vulnerable side. Her country cover was amazing. Who knew that Blair Waldorf could sing? Okay, actually I did. Which is why I wanted to go. Anyway, If you haven’t heard her sing. You really should. Her music is calming and sincere. You can feel the emotions throughout each song. The tempo, the beat, every single bit was perfect. There was no complaints, only that I’m too short for concerts and some tall people have no considerations.
I had a great Sunday night. There’s nothing like listening to some music in an old theatre while eating popcorn.


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