Quick Lesson on Life

So you all know how I’m working on my writing. I love writing whether it stays private or sharing it with you guys. I’m obviously not quite where I want it to be and I keep experimenting with different writing formats. Some I can easily manage and feel quite proud and then there is one that I just can’t seem to grasp. I know that it isn’t my strongest writing format but I try really hard anyway because I want it to get better. The both times I have done this format haven’t really worked out at all. Some magazines or interviews make it look so easy and perhaps I should have done more research (Okay, I googled it a few times) into how to conduct and write proper interviews. It’s so easy to get discouraged when it doesn’t go your way. When you try to put your thoughts down but they don’t sound how you wanted them to. Or when you had a vision in mind and it just didn’t work out. You begin to doubt yourself and consider whether you are even good and you just want to give up writing completely.

Well, that’s life. You’re not going to be good at everything and shit happens. You’ll feel like shit, discouraged and insecure. But it doesn’t mean you stop. Whether it’s singing, instrument-playing, a certain sport, writing, reading, etc., when you love something you just don’t stop. You keep at it until you feel confident about it.

There will always be people who make you feel like you’re not good enough. And that’s also a part of life. It’s only a problem if you give them the power to make you feel that way. There will be others who give you good criticism and it’s on you to still take it or not and how you let it affect you. I understand there is nothing more frustrating than knowing your work isn’t strong like it should be. It sucks. Sometimes you just got to look at this way, the message of what you wanted to show or say is more important than your ego. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer, bad dancer (Hey, my dance teacher in high school told me I walked like a duck…it doesn’t mean I was a bad dancer…I just have bad feet), or whatever else you think you’re bad at. You’re not. Someone out there loves what you do. It could only be just you but that’s okay too. You do things for you anyway so it shouldn’t make you feel bad.

Or you can just completely give up and stick with what you know. Yep, you can take that route too. There is no right or wrong, It’s basically you want it or you don’t. I like to stick with what I know, sometimes I like to try new things out of my comfort zone and it usually ends up being an epic fail but guess what it was new and exciting. You learned a great deal about yourself and your capabilities. How you behave, react, feel about a certain situation. Sometimes it’s just our egos that are hurt but it’ll make you realize a lot about yourself in general. Our ego’s always get hurt, just don’t let it last long. We like it when our ego’s are filled with compliments and success, you feel elated but you get one that you didn’t completely expect, you know what happens. Some people don’t let anything affect them, I like those people, they’re the ones that I want to be like but so far I’m not quite there yet.

Everything you do in life can make you or break you, it depends on which route you want to take.

Undergrad: Make the most of it.

Okay, so there are so many articles and blogs on this topic out there. But I still wanted to share my own since I only have about a month left of my undergraduate career. Yes, I’m excited and if you’ve read my previous blogs, I can’t even begin to properly express how excited I am to be done this chapter in my life. I get to now venture into the world and gain new, scary but thrilling experiences.
I mean who isn’t excited to enter the world of responsibilities, more bills and work. The good news is I’m going to love what I do. So I don’t have much to worry about right? oh, please agree with me.

Alright, so let me get to my five things. I’m sure I learned more but it’s been about 5 years, there’s just too much to list.

1. Get out of your comfort zone— For goodness sakes, you are now in university and college. This is where you are able to be who you want to be and follow your dreams and not care about what anyone has to say (except I still want you to read my blog, so don’t leave me all alone please). There will always be downers and haters, do your thing. Go out there and join that club, volunteer on campus, talk to the person next to you. Don’t just go to school, learn and go home because you’re afraid. Think about it–in the real world, you’ll be pushed beyond your limits, so start now.

2. Ask for help–You don’t know how amazing this is. I find that some people are afraid to ask questions because they are afraid of sounding dumb. I tell you to go and ask the question. Go to the professor for help, ask the T.A, the classmate, don’t be ashamed. We’ve all been there, just because we’re in university that doesn’t meant we know everything. Trust me, if I did I would have done a lot better in certain classes (where I definitely should have asked for help…#mathhatesme).

3. Volunteer–Coming from first hand experience, volunteering on campus turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. I have met so many amazing people in different faculties and some with common interests. Don’t restrict yourself to your own faculty, get out there and make friends. Volunteering is one of the best ways. Plus, it looks good on a resume and you gain some really cool experiences and free swag & food. who doesn’t like free stuff?

4. Make time for yourself— I cannot stress this enough. I think I say this in every personal post. As someone who is completely dedicated to school, I have lacked making time for fun things and it takes a toll. You get so stressed out, you can barely function. Take some time for yourself and have fun. Your grades will improve and you’ll feel so much better about yourself and academic life.

5. You’re not alone— When times get tough, school gets stressful or life gets in the way, we think we are alone. This tends to be ten times worse when going through school. You try to stay focused on school but break ups, loss of friends or family members, or other life situations make you feel alone or like the weight of the world is too much. But guess what, you are not alone. We all may be going through different situations but we can all help each other out and listen. Somewhere out there someone understands. We all face the same stresses about school, unless you don’t stress out about school (I want to be you!). We all worry about life, our future, whether we got an A, about group projects, and everything in between. You’ll find someone to talk to and you guys will bond and help each other get through.

Okay, so I’ve learned more than these five points but if I were to name them all, it would turn into a book. These are the ones that I think are the most important. Honestly, my undergrad career has been quite an interesting ride. I’ve had some highs and lows but it has been a great experience. Hopefully, I get to come back in two years and write about my graduate school experience and share that with all of you!

Leighton Meester: Heartstrings

So on Sunday night, my sister and I had the pleasure of going to a small, intimate concert. It was quite lovely, it was at a local theatre–Rio Theatre. How does one explain this theatre, it has been around for quite some time and it has this really cool hipster vibe. Although it was raining and cold and we also saw an almost tragic accident. It was quite the night.
The night started off with a local Vancouver band–Savvie. Savannah, the lead singer has pretty awesome vocals. Her band was quite interesting. They were all so different, but it worked. Their music felt like a combination of grunge rock with some indie wrapped up in there with some heartfelt vocals. The lyrics were pretty well-written. I’m glad this local band is getting some stage time. I look forward to hearing and seeing them more often.
After they played about five songs, the lovely, down-to-earth Leighton Meester came on. She started off with her single “Heartstrings”. Leighton Meester is the cutest human being ever. She came out in regular clothes, nothing too fancy, it was intimate, casual and so personal. Even though my sister and I had a hard time seeing (we’re both around 5 ft tall). We enjoyed the music thoroughly. Her voice is sweet and soft. She exposes her vulnerable side. Her country cover was amazing. Who knew that Blair Waldorf could sing? Okay, actually I did. Which is why I wanted to go. Anyway, If you haven’t heard her sing. You really should. Her music is calming and sincere. You can feel the emotions throughout each song. The tempo, the beat, every single bit was perfect. There was no complaints, only that I’m too short for concerts and some tall people have no considerations.
I had a great Sunday night. There’s nothing like listening to some music in an old theatre while eating popcorn.

Saying Goodbye: TBT

So I have decided to say goodbye to my weekly feature of #TBT. I thought I would always have a TBT to share but lately, I’ve been lacking in the idea department and the time. So, I think I’ll just be going back to the drawing board for now and find something much more interesting to talk about but for now, I’ll keep posting those poetry assignments from Blogging University and any new stuff that comes my way. It has been fun!

Thanks everyone!

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, this guy wanted to marry a girl. She wasn’t ready for that life, she had other things she needed to do first. He wanted her to quit her life and abide by his, she said “HECK NO”. So they went their separate ways. She’s currently living her happily ever where she dresses the way she wants, hangs with who she wants, does what she wants, she reads all the books she wants, talks to all of her friends again and can’t wait for all the other new adventures she has coming her way, including when she decides to say “yes” because she’s ready.

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