Undergrad: Make the most of it.

Okay, so there are so many articles and blogs on this topic out there. But I still wanted to share my own since I only have about a month left of my undergraduate career. Yes, I’m excited and if you’ve read my previous blogs, I can’t even begin to properly express how excited I am to be done this chapter in my life. I get to now venture into the world and gain new, scary but thrilling experiences.
I mean who isn’t excited to enter the world of responsibilities, more bills and work. The good news is I’m going to love what I do. So I don’t have much to worry about right? oh, please agree with me.

Alright, so let me get to my five things. I’m sure I learned more but it’s been about 5 years, there’s just too much to list.

1. Get out of your comfort zone— For goodness sakes, you are now in university and college. This is where you are able to be who you want to be and follow your dreams and not care about what anyone has to say (except I still want you to read my blog, so don’t leave me all alone please). There will always be downers and haters, do your thing. Go out there and join that club, volunteer on campus, talk to the person next to you. Don’t just go to school, learn and go home because you’re afraid. Think about it–in the real world, you’ll be pushed beyond your limits, so start now.

2. Ask for help–You don’t know how amazing this is. I find that some people are afraid to ask questions because they are afraid of sounding dumb. I tell you to go and ask the question. Go to the professor for help, ask the T.A, the classmate, don’t be ashamed. We’ve all been there, just because we’re in university that doesn’t meant we know everything. Trust me, if I did I would have done a lot better in certain classes (where I definitely should have asked for help…#mathhatesme).

3. Volunteer–Coming from first hand experience, volunteering on campus turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. I have met so many amazing people in different faculties and some with common interests. Don’t restrict yourself to your own faculty, get out there and make friends. Volunteering is one of the best ways. Plus, it looks good on a resume and you gain some really cool experiences and free swag & food. who doesn’t like free stuff?

4. Make time for yourself— I cannot stress this enough. I think I say this in every personal post. As someone who is completely dedicated to school, I have lacked making time for fun things and it takes a toll. You get so stressed out, you can barely function. Take some time for yourself and have fun. Your grades will improve and you’ll feel so much better about yourself and academic life.

5. You’re not alone— When times get tough, school gets stressful or life gets in the way, we think we are alone. This tends to be ten times worse when going through school. You try to stay focused on school but break ups, loss of friends or family members, or other life situations make you feel alone or like the weight of the world is too much. But guess what, you are not alone. We all may be going through different situations but we can all help each other out and listen. Somewhere out there someone understands. We all face the same stresses about school, unless you don’t stress out about school (I want to be you!). We all worry about life, our future, whether we got an A, about group projects, and everything in between. You’ll find someone to talk to and you guys will bond and help each other get through.

Okay, so I’ve learned more than these five points but if I were to name them all, it would turn into a book. These are the ones that I think are the most important. Honestly, my undergrad career has been quite an interesting ride. I’ve had some highs and lows but it has been a great experience. Hopefully, I get to come back in two years and write about my graduate school experience and share that with all of you!


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