The post-grad struggle.

So you’ve recently just graduated or you’re about to graduate and well, now it’s time to find a job. How thrilling, how exciting, how dreadful and tiring. You’ve sent in countless resumes, written over 30 cover letters, you’ve applied to every job you could think of, you even applied to jobs you don’t even know about. You see that most entry level jobs are not really “entry level” jobs because who recently graduated and has 5 years of experience and has all these weird requirements….whoever does, well you suck. Just kidding, good for you for having your shit together. Anyway, as someone who is going through this process currently, I have some tips and some advice to get you through this or something like that.

1. Be confident: Yes, you may have no experience for that job but sometimes positive vibes actually work. Don’t be afraid to apply for a job, just because you don’t meet all the requirements they ask for. You might have some qualities that they didn’t think of and well, you might just get hired because you’re so well-travelled or did a lot of volunteer work.

2. Be persistent: You can apply to 10 jobs, 30, 40, 50 but if you don’t call back or email back to see where you are at, you’re just another applicant.

3. Stand out: This applies to 1 and 2. Give them a reason to remember you. Well, a positive reason. Even if you get rejected, write back and tell them thanks and hopefully that you’ll hear from them in the future.

4. Hand out resumes: I was given advice recently and I was told that yes, we may be living in a world where technology and the internet rules but there is nothing like handing out resumes in person. It gives them a face and they’ll be able to see who you are as a person rather than all these words they just received through an email.

5. Support group: This is the best thing ever. Why? Well, like you, tons of your friends are on the same boat. So communicate with each other, meet up for coffee and lunch with friends, someone out there knows of a job opening that might be perfect for you.

And if none of this works, well I actually don’t know what to say here. I guess go back to step one? Honestly though, the job market is getting crazy and harder. There are tons of jobs out there but sometimes you just need a good push and some well established connections. So I guess an unofficial piece of advice is network! Go to info sessions, job fairs, recruiting fairs, etc, anything that will get you through that door!


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