Falling out to fall in.

I always wondered what falling in love would be like. Would it a slow gentle fall like leaves falling from the trees or would it be abrupt and explosive? I knew love was out there; there is proof of it everywhere. What I didn’t know is how easily one can fall out of love. To… Continue reading Falling out to fall in.

That Voice.

So this morning, it's raining really hard which is definitely a blessing because of all the forest fires and our water levels being so low. So I'm super thankful for that. As you all know (or if you didn't) lately I've been in the gutters, feeling gross and wallowing in self-pity for days. I lost… Continue reading That Voice.

Hi, a little bit of regret and a lil’ mystery.

“Hi”. It’s so amazing how this short phrase, this small word, could start a whirlwind of events. It can do so much for us. It can be a small simple exchange between strangers; it could be the only word two long-distances lovers can say. It can also be a cold gesture between used-to be friends… Continue reading Hi, a little bit of regret and a lil’ mystery.