Being an Adult

“I don’t want to be a little kid, I want to be treated like a grown up”

Those words probably came out of my mouth more time than I can recall. It’s funny to look back at those days and realize, those days have come and gone. Lately, things have started to change in my life. I am working full-time and still working my way through figuring out where life will take me and what will be of my career. I’m clearly still finding my way of course and trying to figure out what I will do for the rest of my life. You’d think that finishing off my degree would provide me with a job right off the bat but that didn’t happen. I know it will. But that wasn’t the point of this blog. Lately, I’ve been feeling more like an adult. It’s been a weird change, I mean I’ve been of legal age for a while now but when you’re in school, you still feel different. Nowadays, I have to wake up and go to work. No choice. I’ve noticed the change, I see myself making sure I have enough for gas, for bills and for food. Of course, I still take the time to have fun but it feels different. I didn’t think I would feel this different in just a few months and weeks. I have a long way to go still, I obviously still live at home but even then, the change is noticeable. I’ve been asked if i’ll move out soon or that I should move out but I don’t necessarily feel economically secure to do that. Some people leave home and then come back because of the cost. I don’t want to do that. I want to be fully secure and independent to do that.

It’s been so weird. I’m appreciating the days when I get to take a break. I even have plants in my room now. Even what I read has changed. Well, more like evolved because I will always read my classics but lately I’m reading more thought provoking reads. I feel great. I even lost weight. I actually went back to my normal size-self which is a 10. I’m happy about that. I hadn’t been a 10 since high school. I slowly gained so much weight, the biggest size I’ve been is 16 and it made me unhappy. I slowly started taking better care of myself and to have lost that much weight in a few years makes me happy. I feel like I started to care more about my well-being rather than being skinny.

Like I mentioned, I still have a long way to go before being a full functioning adult but I mean, I already know what it feels like to have your car die on the freeway….thanks for my parents coming to my rescue! (I forgot to apply for my triple A membership…oops!). I’m still learning. I already can see how much costs. Gosh, when did things get so expensive. haha. Anyway…

I feel good, somewhat tired because work is brutal. I miss school on most days, I actually plan to go back…of course, I need to save up for that…oh, and also a trip somewhere nice.

Well, just thought I’d let you all know that I’m feeling like an adult now.



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