Month One

I know it has been awhile since I have written a personal post, so here I am.
I just wanted to let you know how I’m doing.

Surviving the first month

One month down and only six more to go. It’s surprising how time flies. One day, I’m struggling to purchase my books, and now I’m getting ready for midterms. I’m not only able to apply the things I have learned from my degree in my courses but also the studying skills that I learned in my last year at SFU. I’ve learned to study better which has helped my succeed in my first month. I’m happy with this decision because I am closer to achieving a goal. I am not only learning about my future job, but I am also learning a lot about myself. It’s weird, yet satisfying to see yourself grow as an individual. I have seen myself grow in the areas of communication. I’m not afraid to raise my hand, to answer a question, even if I may be wrong. When I’m wrong, I know I can count on someone to teach me the right way or explain to me how I can do it better.

I do not want to make surviving sound negative because this program is not a challenge at all. Something cannot be bad for you when you love it (right?). I love what I am going to do in a few short months and where this job will take me. I will not deny that I prefer some classes over others, but that doesn’t make the experience less enjoyable. I have made two great friends in my class, both who have the same work ethic as me, who are funny and understanding. They make the experience enjoyable. We get annoyed at the same things, we find certain things hilarious that others might not get, and we are 100% focused on what we want out of this. This makes make me happy, but also, stay focused. Having them in my support/study group makes this program better.



I just wanted to say that I’m doing well.

See you in month two!




Raincity: To stay in or to go out?

It looks like it’s going to be a rainy week in Vancouver! If you’re like me there are days when you love the rain and then there are days where you wish it was just cloudy. I like enjoying the weather because sometimes it can be “dark” for days and it can really take a toll on the mind and motivation. So I figured that I could write about things you could do when you’re stuck indoors or limited to the activities you can do.

But first here is my Saturday Morning Playlist, of course there are more on my playlist but I thought 10 would be enough to share while you read the rest of my post! Songs like this really set the tone for what kind of Saturday I will have so I hope you enjoy!

So what can you do on a rainy Saturday?

  • Go out for coffee or tea. Instead of going to your regular Tim Hortons or Starbucks. I’d recommend several places that could brighten up a dull day with their pastries and tea. Depending on where you live, they could be convenient or quite far so here are three. Or you could definitely sit at a Starbucks and do you!

La Petite Cuillere — Of course, to attend this beautiful tea room, you must make a reservation but it’s quite worth it. I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with one of my best friends and my sister this year for my birthday. It wasn’t a rainy day but cloudy which made it the perfect setting to sit by a large window, drink tea, eat pastries and pretend we were living in the days of Downton Abbey or Jane Austen. Located in Vancouver by a Library, can you say perfect?

Applewood Country — This one is closer to my home in Delta, I could walk here if I wanted to. This tea room definitely has a “I’m going to my grandmothers house” type of vibe. It is also a gift shop and it has the cutest things ever, from tea, pastries, vintage hats, PJ’s to stove tops and kitchen utensils for sale. I would like to thank my mother for introducing me to this gem.

Black Rook Bakery — Not a Cafe technically, but this Bakery has charm. On a rainy day, while my mother and I were waiting for my sister, we drove around and found this bakery that had the most delicious baked goods. I wish I had pictures still but their Pink Chiffon cake was the most delicious cake I’ve had in awhile, I paired it with Jasmine Green tea and I devoured that in minutes. It isn’t highly populated and you’ll find the decor to be quite interesting and attractive. I don’t know, I really liked the ravens on the fireplace mantel and their large dark coloured chandelier.

  • Go to Granville Island — LOVE LOVE Granville Island. I think it’s the perfect rainy day adventure. But that’s just me. There are so many cute things to see, delicious things to taste and goods to buy. Plus the view isn’t bad either.
Granville Island
Granville Island
  • See a movie or have a movie marathon — It could definitely be a netflix binge watching kind of day. Finish your Vampire Diaries, Prison Break or get started on Gotham, How to get away with Murder or whatever floats your boat. No one will judge you, it’s cold and wet out there. Why not stay in your onesie and cuddle up with your S/O or pets and just watch TV. Or you can go see some movies, I don’t know what’s playing because I only go to the movies when superhero movies are out or some dystopian world novel has been turned into a movie.
  • Read at home, at a library, or bookstore — Okay, this may be the nerd in me speaking but I love going to bookstores and not buy anything but just pick up a book and read for a bit. I’m sure that’s why there are chairs in most of them. Take advantage of that. I’ve lost track of time in a bookstore, It’s a magical place and some of them have cafe’s or a coffee shop nearby.
  • Go to a Art Gallery, Museum, etc. — I know some of these cost money and can be quite expensive but I’m pretty sure that it would be nice to go see one on a rainy day. Even Science World ( I will never call it “Telus world of science” ever) has the animal body works show, I’ve heard it can be quite interesting. I’d definitely recommend any of these.
Who doesn't want to see animal insides?
Who doesn’t want to see animal insides?

Okay, so that’s my short list of things you CAN do but you really don’t have to. I know it’s cold out there, its dark and you’re probably not wanting to go out. To be honest, if it was possible I’d stay in bed all day and listen to music and read. I know you’re thinking that too. Or you’re totally the person who goes out and jumps in puddles (okay, I do that sometimes too). I just thought I’d share some possibilities. It’s Vancouver. There are tons of things to do. And well, if you’re not from Vancouver, you could still do stuff like this. Take a long drive over here and enjoy our West Coast weather. Just remember to stay safe out there, stay visible and drive safely.

My adventure

I decided that I wanted to write a piece of how I became to be the person I am at this very moment. I’ve been blessed with 24 years on this Earth. I have seen a fair share of happy things  and a lot of shit that makes me want to leave this planet.

Recently, I did something that made me feel extremely different. I had friends text me and message me congratulating me and feeling proud that I finally had done something for myself. It was an unexpected and quite random trip to Mexico for a week. They were so proud that I had gone away since they all know I had never really traveled quite far on my own away from my family. Well, I finally did. At first, I was worried because I had never gone anywhere because I was worried about not being here when my mom was sick or having something bad happen while I was away. I had never been on a plane before and on my first trip I got to go on two (four in total; two on our way and two on the way back), I hadn’t been to an airport (well, I had but to say goodbye to everyone else or to greet people), I had never filled out a customs card, received a stamp on my passport, I had never gone away for a week. I had a lot of firsts on this trip.

I learned a lot on our trip. I learned that this Earth is stunning from the view of a plane. There are no boundaries when seeing it from the clouds. I learned to appreciate every single river, every single ridge, every pool of blue. I wanted to cry on the plane but I felt like I would scare people. I was honestly in awe. I learned that I love to travel, I learned to be myself with no outside pressure. I learned that I’m actually quite shy and that I have to force myself to put myself out there but that once I get to know you I can be quite comfortable.

When we landed and we arrived to Mexico, I felt this major heatwave attack my body but in the best way possible. I was in a whole new world that I had only heard of through friends. I’m Hispanic, I know the language, I have been raised on the cultures and values but I had never experienced it before. For the first time, I was able to think for myself, no pressure, no stress, just me, my sister and a whole new world.

You might think that I’m being weird about it but when you’ve never left or gone anywhere, your eyes are opened and you feel things you never thought you could. I know I have a burning desire to travel more, all I want to do is see the world. I always knew I wanted to do that. So now I have this goal to just work and travel. They say love what you do and I think I have found my thing. I moved around a lot as a kid, so I guess being in one place for so long had been making me feel quite restless for many years. Now that I have gone away, it is all I want to do.

Of course, I want to settle down in one place, have a home, have a career but right now all I want to do is work and travel.

I loved this adventure and I hope to actually share some of it with you guys in later posts. I still have to organize my photos and still get over my travel high.


Leighton Meester: Heartstrings

So on Sunday night, my sister and I had the pleasure of going to a small, intimate concert. It was quite lovely, it was at a local theatre–Rio Theatre. How does one explain this theatre, it has been around for quite some time and it has this really cool hipster vibe. Although it was raining and cold and we also saw an almost tragic accident. It was quite the night.
The night started off with a local Vancouver band–Savvie. Savannah, the lead singer has pretty awesome vocals. Her band was quite interesting. They were all so different, but it worked. Their music felt like a combination of grunge rock with some indie wrapped up in there with some heartfelt vocals. The lyrics were pretty well-written. I’m glad this local band is getting some stage time. I look forward to hearing and seeing them more often.
After they played about five songs, the lovely, down-to-earth Leighton Meester came on. She started off with her single “Heartstrings”. Leighton Meester is the cutest human being ever. She came out in regular clothes, nothing too fancy, it was intimate, casual and so personal. Even though my sister and I had a hard time seeing (we’re both around 5 ft tall). We enjoyed the music thoroughly. Her voice is sweet and soft. She exposes her vulnerable side. Her country cover was amazing. Who knew that Blair Waldorf could sing? Okay, actually I did. Which is why I wanted to go. Anyway, If you haven’t heard her sing. You really should. Her music is calming and sincere. You can feel the emotions throughout each song. The tempo, the beat, every single bit was perfect. There was no complaints, only that I’m too short for concerts and some tall people have no considerations.
I had a great Sunday night. There’s nothing like listening to some music in an old theatre while eating popcorn.

The Importance of Random Adventures

Sometimes writing in your private personal journal isn’t quite enough.

Sometimes hanging around your house and seeing everyone else live their life isn’t either.

For many years, I was the girl who just focused on school and not having fun.

I would put off having fun because I told myself I would have fun once I was done learning. The problem with that is–well, you are only learning one thing and there are other important things in life that require you to go outside and learn. I’ve been known for just being book smart, and no, I am not giving myself praises. I just study really hard. The point is I hadn’t learned much of the outside world or more about myself until I started living in it. It’s not like I go out all the time because  as a full-time student, it is hard to go out and have fun, all the time. There are some people who are great at doing both, I am not. I can hideaway in my house or the library for days, you’d have to send out a search party for me. I get into the zone and it can get to the point where I neglect communicating with others or even taking care of myself. I learned taking a break, going out even for half a day can really help you from either having a breakdown or just not learning for your class.

Anyways, let me tell you a bit about me. I’m an anti-social extrovert. It’s a thing! I moved around a lot as a kid so getting attached or comfortable around people wasn’t something I was very good at. As I got older, we were stable in our situations but I would go overboard in the attachment department. I’m 23 now and I don’t get attached easily but I’m comfortable with my small group of friends. I didn’t learn proper social skills until after my life had settled down and by that point I was too focused on school to even make family and friends a priority. It was horrible and selfish. I’ve learned to manage it a little better. Spending so much time away from friends, brought some closer to me, even if they do live in Florida or Australia. I knew those who made the time for me where those I had to make time for. They were the ones being supportive and understanding. Those are the people I still keep around.

Relationships, I used to cringe at the word. I told myself, I would never date, but they are adventures as well. I’ve dated twice in my life and well, although they did not have amazing results as I had hoped. I learned to live my life. I didn’t start living my current life until after a really bad break up. It took that relationship to snap me out of my funk. I did not want to live a limited life, to pass up amazing opportunities because of this weird fear of getting hurt or because someone was telling me how to live MY life. The most important thing it taught me was in order to love someone, you must love yourself first. Don’t be in a relationship because you feel alone or because you like the title. Be in one because you feel complete enough to share that with someone else. Love is an adventure and you have to share it with someone who may not be on the same page but is reading the same book (I hope this makes sense). No one is perfect but one day, this adventure will begin for all of us.

The future used to give me anxiety, I still get anxiety and feel overworked all the time but I have learned to take the time to enjoy life. The future is an unknown adventure. It is okay to plan for it but it is important that things change along the way and what we wanted for ourselves may change. For example, I wanted to be a fashion designer for the longest time, It is now just a hobby. I am now hoping to be a lawyer but my path could change. I love what I am majoring in (Criminology) and I know I will be happy with whatever I do in this field. Each day is an adventure and your passion may one day be something you might not want to do or something you never expected will be what you will always do.

In the past year, I have learned to balance my academic goals with my personal goals which can sometimes meet in the middle. My mental state is clearer (with a few mini meltdowns, here and there), my confidence is actually booming, the relationship with my family and friends is better. I just feel great.

So what I’m saying is if you feel like you don’t have time for anything, just remember this (& yes, it is a bible quote and it might offend some of you, I apologize but this is something that I have learned to grasp), there is time for you to do anything and especially to go for random adventures. Random adventures help you find out more about yourself, how you handle yourself, what makes you tick and what makes you smile. Adventures can range from reading a book, going for a walk with your dog, going to a fashion show with your friend, going to concerts with your best friend, making something new in the kitchen, or even learning a new instrument.

Just remember take time and go on a small adventure.

Ecclesiastes 3 New International Version (NIV)

A Time for Everything

3 There is a time for everything,
 and a season for every activity under the heavens

& with that I leave you.