My adventure

I decided that I wanted to write a piece of how I became to be the person I am at this very moment. I’ve been blessed with 24 years on this Earth. I have seen a fair share of happy things  and a lot of shit that makes me want to leave this planet.

Recently, I did something that made me feel extremely different. I had friends text me and message me congratulating me and feeling proud that I finally had done something for myself. It was an unexpected and quite random trip to Mexico for a week. They were so proud that I had gone away since they all know I had never really traveled quite far on my own away from my family. Well, I finally did. At first, I was worried because I had never gone anywhere because I was worried about not being here when my mom was sick or having something bad happen while I was away. I had never been on a plane before and on my first trip I got to go on two (four in total; two on our way and two on the way back), I hadn’t been to an airport (well, I had but to say goodbye to everyone else or to greet people), I had never filled out a customs card, received a stamp on my passport, I had never gone away for a week. I had a lot of firsts on this trip.

I learned a lot on our trip. I learned that this Earth is stunning from the view of a plane. There are no boundaries when seeing it from the clouds. I learned to appreciate every single river, every single ridge, every pool of blue. I wanted to cry on the plane but I felt like I would scare people. I was honestly in awe. I learned that I love to travel, I learned to be myself with no outside pressure. I learned that I’m actually quite shy and that I have to force myself to put myself out there but that once I get to know you I can be quite comfortable.

When we landed and we arrived to Mexico, I felt this major heatwave attack my body but in the best way possible. I was in a whole new world that I had only heard of through friends. I’m Hispanic, I know the language, I have been raised on the cultures and values but I had never experienced it before. For the first time, I was able to think for myself, no pressure, no stress, just me, my sister and a whole new world.

You might think that I’m being weird about it but when you’ve never left or gone anywhere, your eyes are opened and you feel things you never thought you could. I know I have a burning desire to travel more, all I want to do is see the world. I always knew I wanted to do that. So now I have this goal to just work and travel. They say love what you do and I think I have found my thing. I moved around a lot as a kid, so I guess being in one place for so long had been making me feel quite restless for many years. Now that I have gone away, it is all I want to do.

Of course, I want to settle down in one place, have a home, have a career but right now all I want to do is work and travel.

I loved this adventure and I hope to actually share some of it with you guys in later posts. I still have to organize my photos and still get over my travel high.



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