The tower

I always thought I’d be trapped in my tower for years to come,

I had managed to escape a few times, managed to roam free.

Each time I left, I had felt like a bird soaring through the skies

as high as a cloud, loved like a flower in the spring.

But each time I escaped there was always a chain pulling me back,

that freedom I felt didn’t last as long as I wanted it to.

You can still see my hand prints from being dragged into the ground,

pulled farther and farther away from what I wanted. I’m writing to you now

from my tower, this is my plea. I need to find a way out again and never have to come

back unless I choose to. That is all I want, my choice to be my own.

I want to come back to my tower because I feel like it.

My tower is a safe haven when it wants to be, but lately it feels like a room filled with

thorns and fear is hidden amongst its dark corners.

I wear a veil of sadness over my soul, my heart is in constant pain,

my mind goes over and over the same old stories, reliving moments that I have enjoyed.

Pain can be wonderful until it consumes your every fibre of being.

This is my tower, a wondrous place filled with many memories that cause delicious and

torturous pain.

They say you choose the life you live but sometimes its been chosen for you, mine has to

be living in my tower until I find the courage to break free once again.


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