Sunday Yoga Day 7: Total Body

I’m so sore from Day 6 six pack abs. I woke up and I felt that in my belly. Since I decided to do my sessions consecutively, I can definitely feel the soreness, stretches, and everything in between. I think getting through the first week was the hardest because I haven’t really practiced yoga ever. I should up to a few classes in school but that was about it, I tried doing it awhile back ago but I didn’t stick to it. I think this time, I’m working on making sure I do stick to it. I hope it works out because it’s doing wonders for my back.

Before my session:

Yikes. I can definitely feel yesterdays (Day 6) ab focused yoga. I hope that this focuses on stretching that out and working on other parts of my body that need toning up.

During my session:

Okay, I think I suck at the vinyasa pose but probably not as much as how bad I think my downward dog looks. I’m actually not sure if I look like I’m doing it right. Everyone looks so pro and I think I look all schlumpy ( I know that’s not a word). I think I need to focus more on my poses because I don’t think I do some of them right. I also got super sweaty. I don’t know if that’s normal but I sure got sweaty. I also liked how we also focused on stretching out the sides of our body. I love side stretches!!

After my session:

Ready for tomorrow. I’m also going to add to my relaxation by maybe having a hot shower and putting on a face mask. I’m super stretched and feeling really good right now. OH, I also listened to music today. I listened to a Songza playlist–Relaxing Film Scores.




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