Sunday Yoga Day 7: Total Body

I’m so sore from Day 6 six pack abs. I woke up and I felt that in my belly. Since I decided to do my sessions consecutively, I can definitely feel the soreness, stretches, and everything in between. I think getting through the first week was the hardest because I haven’t really practiced yoga ever. I should up to a few classes in school but that was about it, I tried doing it awhile back ago but I didn’t stick to it. I think this time, I’m working on making sure I do stick to it. I hope it works out because it’s doing wonders for my back.

Before my session:

Yikes. I can definitely feel yesterdays (Day 6) ab focused yoga. I hope that this focuses on stretching that out and working on other parts of my body that need toning up.

During my session:

Okay, I think I suck at the vinyasa pose but probably not as much as how bad I think my downward dog looks. I’m actually not sure if I look like I’m doing it right. Everyone looks so pro and I think I look all schlumpy ( I know that’s not a word). I think I need to focus more on my poses because I don’t think I do some of them right. I also got super sweaty. I don’t know if that’s normal but I sure got sweaty. I also liked how we also focused on stretching out the sides of our body. I love side stretches!!

After my session:

Ready for tomorrow. I’m also going to add to my relaxation by maybe having a hot shower and putting on a face mask. I’m super stretched and feeling really good right now. OH, I also listened to music today. I listened to a Songza playlist–Relaxing Film Scores.



Sunday Yoga Day 6: Six Pack Abs

Day 6 already. I absolutely looked forward to this one because who doesn’t want to work on their core? I don’t necessarily want abs but I do want a stronger core. Adrienne was talking about how its important for the practice of yoga. I just love anything that focus on the core because I think it really helps with my back.

So here’s the video:

And here’s how I felt,

Before my session:

Excited. I woke up ready to take on the poses. I really enjoy doing these. I want to continue doing these everyday.

During my session:

Although most of these poses were less yoga and more core workouts. I really enjoyed that her main focus was to take it slow and focus on breathing and proper formation.

After my session:

Happy. I think yoga is definitely going to be a major part of my life now. I know it’ll take awhile before I can get extremely good but it’s helping me with breathing which helps my anxiety and the recent panic attacks. I know that it’ll also help me with my transition into the world of Veganism. I’m trying to work on being happier with myself, finding peace and my center. I think these baby steps will help.

If anyone else has joined in on this journey, let me know how it’s going for you!

Sunday yoga: Day 4 on Monday!

Okay okay, so I’m late again! It’s not my fault, I spent my weekend re-decorating my room, preparing it for the new year and my room was a hot mess. I had absolutely no time to do yoga on Sunday. It smelled of paint and my yoga stuff was thrown in a pile of somethings and everything. So I just finished my session and now I’m sharing it with you. I’m also debating whether I just want to start doing each session consecutively every night and post them on Sundays or just leave it as is. I’m not sure yet, let me know what you guys think.

So this week, I can’t believe I’m even into it this far already but it’s day four! Day four focuses on the back–stretching it and relieving any tension which is great after moving furniture around and painting my room. It’s like Adrienne knew I’d get motivated to change my room around this weekend. So here it is Day 4 (also, you can see that I’m starting to get the hang of posting the actual video and embedding it properly…I’m happy right now)

Okay, so let me share my experience with you!

Before my session:

To be honest, I’ve been feeling lazy AF! I don’t know if it’s because of the weather or because I feel like hibernating but I haven’t actually been working out as much, I go for walks everyday for a few hours but that’s about it. I have been having difficulties with breathing and feeling faint so I haven’t been wanting to go full out with them. I’m planning to go see the doctor soon just because it got pretty bad the other day at the mall. Aside from feeling off, I also was super exhausted from painting my room and moving furniture around in my room. I had a few tight spots in the lower back/glute area.


During my session:

I wanted to quit! Those tight spots were really getting to me, but I kept going and focused on being more gentle towards those areas but still getting a good stretch. Breathing was definitely better and I didn’t find myself feeling faint. It felt really nice to do this, especially those downward dogs released tightness in my calves.



After my session:

I felt good. I definitely think I need to stretch a lot more frequently. I do love the feeling of being so stretched out and elongating that spine. I plan to spend most of my week in school next semester and volunteering so I want to make sure that my spine doesn’t lose strength and stays healthy. Plus I love feeling taller even if I’m still only 5’0 ft.

Something random:

If anyone has any tips of yoga wear for a noob that would be great!