Lost Faith

You’ve destroyed my sanctuary,

the one place where I could hold my own,

where I could find my peace or lose all control.

I don’t understand what made you this way,

I know I could never but what I don’t know is why

do I have to receive this kind of treatment?

We take punch after punch, every word twisting up my soul.

I try to stay positive that it’s just your mind lost in pain and doses of medication.

But why do we have to take it?

We’re not your property. We’re not something you can just throw away.

We want to fight back, but all we can do is defend ourselves or stay quiet

and wait for the moment to pass.

I hide behind my smiles and laughter, but I’m dying inside.

You’re slowly killing the kindness and happiness you once taught me about.

I won’t let you kill the best parts of me, but it gets too hard.

Jab after jab, these words are engraved into my mind.

I will live with them for the rest of my life,

as a reminder of what you think of me.

You’ve destroyed my sanctuary,

my place of comfort, my place of goals and dreams.

I would prefer a slap to the face than a jab at my heart.

You’ve shattered our humanity. You’ve wondered why with others we are so kind, we do because we try to hold on to what you are destroying.

Our grasp is loosening, we’re wandering alone.

You’ve burned down what meant the most to us.






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