Drunken thoughts.

It was the little things about you. The little things we used to do. They're gone now. Everything we do now, it feels forced. I want to tell you that I love you. I just can't seem to let the world slip out of my mouth. I want you to know. I really do. Even… Continue reading Drunken thoughts.

Coming back.

You're still on my mind.I wish you weren't.I don't even feel the same way.But I miss you.I wonder when,I wonder how,I wonder why.Do I even ever cross your mind?I don't even feel the same way.I just wish I knew what happened.We were so close.All this time,It's going by,I don't even hear from you.Will you ever… Continue reading Coming back.

Tell me

If only being so blatantly honest was easy. I would straight up tell you that I love you. I would tell you that you make everything better and you're one of the reasons I smile. I keep myself up at all hours just waiting to talk to you. Distance isn't our friend. Distance and time… Continue reading Tell me