It was the way he wore his smile.
the confidence & sincerity.
he wore it well.
he brought warmth to my cheeks
& a desire to feel.
It was the way he looked,
made me wonder what it would feel like
to be his coat that kept him warm.

Coming back.

You're still on my mind.

I wish you weren't.

I don't even feel the same way.

But I miss you.

I wonder when,

I wonder how,

I wonder why.

Do I even ever cross your mind?

I don't even feel the same way.

I just wish I knew what happened.

We were so close.

All this time,

It's going by,

I don't even hear from you.

Will you ever be coming back?


I knew it wouldn’t last forever,

that I could only be in his sun kissed arms for a brief time.

I knew it was just for that moment,

but I still craved to drown in his golden coloured eyes.

What we had was harmless, if you really want to believe that.

Countless hours by the pool, smiles and embraces.

Conversations of what we enjoyed most, his alluring voice singing to me

his favourite songs.

The touch of his hand upon mine,

sending hair raising warmth

all over me.

Saying goodbye was hard but when he kissed my cheek

and held me for the last time, I knew I’d see him again one day.

I know nothing came out of it, that it wasn’t real,

But for a moment, it felt like it could have been.