Sunday yoga: Day 4 on Monday!

Okay okay, so I’m late again! It’s not my fault, I spent my weekend re-decorating my room, preparing it for the new year and my room was a hot mess. I had absolutely no time to do yoga on Sunday. It smelled of paint and my yoga stuff was thrown in a pile of somethings and everything. So I just finished my session and now I’m sharing it with you. I’m also debating whether I just want to start doing each session consecutively every night and post them on Sundays or just leave it as is. I’m not sure yet, let me know what you guys think.

So this week, I can’t believe I’m even into it this far already but it’s day four! Day four focuses on the back–stretching it and relieving any tension which is great after moving furniture around and painting my room. It’s like Adrienne knew I’d get motivated to change my room around this weekend. So here it is Day 4 (also, you can see that I’m starting to get the hang of posting the actual video and embedding it properly…I’m happy right now)

Okay, so let me share my experience with you!

Before my session:

To be honest, I’ve been feeling lazy AF! I don’t know if it’s because of the weather or because I feel like hibernating but I haven’t actually been working out as much, I go for walks everyday for a few hours but that’s about it. I have been having difficulties with breathing and feeling faint so I haven’t been wanting to go full out with them. I’m planning to go see the doctor soon just because it got pretty bad the other day at the mall. Aside from feeling off, I also was super exhausted from painting my room and moving furniture around in my room. I had a few tight spots in the lower back/glute area.


During my session:

I wanted to quit! Those tight spots were really getting to me, but I kept going and focused on being more gentle towards those areas but still getting a good stretch. Breathing was definitely better and I didn’t find myself feeling faint. It felt really nice to do this, especially those downward dogs released tightness in my calves.



After my session:

I felt good. I definitely think I need to stretch a lot more frequently. I do love the feeling of being so stretched out and elongating that spine. I plan to spend most of my week in school next semester and volunteering so I want to make sure that my spine doesn’t lose strength and stays healthy. Plus I love feeling taller even if I’m still only 5’0 ft.

Something random:

If anyone has any tips of yoga wear for a noob that would be great!

Sunday Yoga: Forgetting what you know (Day 3)

I know, I know I’m a little late with my Sunday Yoga. I got super busy today since I spent most of the day cleaning the house so that my mom won’t have to do much. Her birthday is tomorrow and I want to just make sure she has nothing to do at home but just sit back and relax.

Anyway, Day 3 already. I’m actually really happy I’m making this part of my routine. I’m slowly incorporating yoga movements after my workout to really stretch out tight spots like my shoulders and calves. I’m loving it. I have gotten a bit lazier with my workouts because it’s cold out and I’m not a big fan of running outside in the cold. Here’s the video for this week, Adrienne talks about forgetting what we know about yoga but I really really like how yoga just makes you focus on your body and mind and nothing else. (For some reason, I’m having issues posting the videos on here so here’s the link Yoga with Adrienne: Day 3)

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.32.30 PM


Yes, I’m cheating with some of my images. I didn’t get a chance to take any videos or photos for this weeks post. I’m trying to figure out this whole new layout. I’ve also decided to keep this post super brief, I haven’t had  much time to go over my list these past few days.

Before my session: 

I was super tired because I spent most of my morning cleaning and doing errands, so that my momma doesn’t have to do anything for her birthday. I did feel a little tense, I’ve been waking up still feeling tense and tight. I don’t know if it has to do with the colder temperatures.

During my session:

Loved it. Loved it. There was a focus on core and her theme of the day was “forgetting what we know” about yoga. I think that was cool because sometimes I think yoga is really hard especially since I can’t do many of the “cool” moves. I injured myself when I was younger so my back tends to be quite tight and also my calves can get really tight probably because of when I had my club feet fixed as a kid. I don’t know why I’m always so tense and tight. Anyway, I really loved this session because it really made me shake and work on areas I didn’t think that I would be so weak. I work out a lot and I’ve seen some improvement but clearly, there is still so much I need to work on (cough * upper body * cough).

After my session:

Good. I feel good. Until next week!


(Saturday) Yoga: Day Two

Okay, so while you’re reading this, I’m actually not home, I’m at TedxSFU. I knew that I wouldn’t have time in the morning for my yoga session, so I decided to do it on Saturday and have it scheduled to upload while I’m gone for the day. It’s another dark day in Vancouver but honestly, I am quite enjoying it. I’m definitely trying to appreciate things a lot more. There is a lot of bad and terrifying things happening in our world that the little things that we stress about don’t even compare but that’s not what I want to talk about. This morning when I woke up, I felt blessed because I’m here and I want to spread my happiness, positivity and just smile at people. We definitely need more of that.

Before I start off, I definitely do want to say that I think that after I finish this 30 day experiment, I want to do yoga every other day. I definitely think that doing it once a week is good because I’m trying to ease into it but I definitely enjoy these 30 minutes of focusing on my body.

So here is day two:

(for some reason, the link directs itself to this main page, sorry! I will try to fix it)

Before my session:

I definitely woke up needing a good stretch. I’m an awful sleeper. I’ve been going to bed with really bad headaches and I get them a lot more frequently throughout the day too. Anyway, I’ve noticed that I find half of my pillows and blankets on the floor. So this means, I’m probably been having some restless nights. Even though I woke up a little achy, I woke up quite happy. Today is one of my best friends birthday and I don’t get to see her much because life. She’s always the one person who always told me to stretch out after a work out, so I feel proud that I am. It’s also a good thing that day two is “stretch & soothe”, I definitely need it.

During my session:

Basically, I had an “OMG” session. I know I’m always tense but I didn’t know that I was tense all over. I felt every nook and cranny in my body catch on fire. It was an odd but quite satisfying feeling. Though I had to take it easy at some point because a few months ago, I bumped my funny bone and it still tends to hurt every once in awhile.

After my session:

Sweaty and stretched out. I had to use a lot of my body and even though I work out, I thought transitions would be easy but nope, I was wrong. I did feel great after though. I definitely feel so elongated after I do yoga. I like that feeling. For my final breathe, I sprayed Sage’s Yoga Transition mist. I actually got this as a gift from my mom awhile back ago because I wanted the headache roller that was in the package but now I have that, the transition mist and a mat spray!

Sage Yoga Transition Mist, Yoga Anti-bacterial Spray in their little recycled yoga mat package.
Sage Yoga Transition Mist, Yoga Anti-bacterial Spray in their little recycled yoga mat package.

The playlist:

I actually didn’t play music this time. I definitely didn’t miss it though. I was too focused on not giving up and on my breathing.

I’m actually enjoying this quite a bit more than I expected. I definitely hope it helps with headaches and my body soreness and tightness.

See you next weekend! ❤

Sunday Yoga: Day One

Okay, so I was supposed to write this yesterday but I got a little busy and I left the notes on my desk ready to type out but I kind of wanted to go to Metrotown (a mall in Burnaby, BC for those who don’t know) and do some window shopping.

Anyway, in a previous post, I mentioned that I am trying to work on my mental health and I’m also trying to incorporate more yoga into my life. I’ve never been the flexible type, I usually forget to stretch after a workout or in the mornings which I am trying to work on doing more often (because it just feels soooooo good!). Anyway, I decided that I want to do a 30 day beginners “challenge”, I don’t know why it’s called a challenge, I feel like if you call it a challenge you feel less reluctant to do it. So for my sake, I want to call it the 30 day Beginners Yoga Experiment. Yeah, Let’s go with experiment.

Image retrieved from
Image retrieved from

So I’ve decided that instead of doing Yoga every day, I want to only do yoga on Sundays for 30 days. I want to be able to balance out my school schedule, workout schedule and volunteer schedule so I figured this was the best option.

My goal is to share how I felt before, during and after each yoga session with you. I think that it won’t only get me to pay attention to my body but to also note down changes and I just honestly felt like sharing this experience with you guys.

I’ve decided to do Yoga With Adriene since I’ve had a good experience with other videos of hers, I like how she’s quite soothing and I get a good vibe from her videos, I find them genuine and helpful. So I definitely recommend that you check her out!

So let me share my experience with you!

Before my session:

I was feeling really emotional and sad. More sad than anything. I actually started crying before my yoga session. I felt extremely tense and felt like there were a lot of thoughts and emotions clouding my mind.

During my session:

Okay, so my goal is to be honest. Adriene has this motto to be honest with yourself when doing yoga and listening to your body. So I’m going to say it how it is–I wanted to give up. My mind kept saying I couldn’t do it. It was so simple but I felt limited by how I was feeling. So I definitely let myself cry for the first few minutes of my session. I did, however, end up feeling better while crying and doing yoga. I began to focus on the feeling of letting go. Some poses did hurt a lot more than others, so I focused on making sure I didn’t over do it and be light.

After my session:

I actually felt really good after my session. I felt quite stretched out, especially in the spinal area. During my session, there were times I wanted to give up and some poses were too much but I can’t wait to do it again. I felt so good and actually quite better than when I started. I wasn’t transformed instantly but I did feel tension leave my body.

The Playlist:

So even though I listen to Adriene on youtube, I also like to put some music in the background to really block any other external noises (I live in a house with a musician and music lovers, there is always music and noise at my house). I usually opt for youtube or SoundCloud but for this session I used Songza’s Yoga & Meditation playlist.

So my goal is to complete the thirty days (on Sundays) and share it with you. I do hope to post it every Sunday (I got a little lazy yesterday). I hope to even share some poses (when I get better at it). If any one wants to join me and let me know their progress that would be awesome!!

Raincity: To stay in or to go out?

It looks like it’s going to be a rainy week in Vancouver! If you’re like me there are days when you love the rain and then there are days where you wish it was just cloudy. I like enjoying the weather because sometimes it can be “dark” for days and it can really take a toll on the mind and motivation. So I figured that I could write about things you could do when you’re stuck indoors or limited to the activities you can do.

But first here is my Saturday Morning Playlist, of course there are more on my playlist but I thought 10 would be enough to share while you read the rest of my post! Songs like this really set the tone for what kind of Saturday I will have so I hope you enjoy!

So what can you do on a rainy Saturday?

  • Go out for coffee or tea. Instead of going to your regular Tim Hortons or Starbucks. I’d recommend several places that could brighten up a dull day with their pastries and tea. Depending on where you live, they could be convenient or quite far so here are three. Or you could definitely sit at a Starbucks and do you!

La Petite Cuillere — Of course, to attend this beautiful tea room, you must make a reservation but it’s quite worth it. I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with one of my best friends and my sister this year for my birthday. It wasn’t a rainy day but cloudy which made it the perfect setting to sit by a large window, drink tea, eat pastries and pretend we were living in the days of Downton Abbey or Jane Austen. Located in Vancouver by a Library, can you say perfect?

Applewood Country — This one is closer to my home in Delta, I could walk here if I wanted to. This tea room definitely has a “I’m going to my grandmothers house” type of vibe. It is also a gift shop and it has the cutest things ever, from tea, pastries, vintage hats, PJ’s to stove tops and kitchen utensils for sale. I would like to thank my mother for introducing me to this gem.

Black Rook Bakery — Not a Cafe technically, but this Bakery has charm. On a rainy day, while my mother and I were waiting for my sister, we drove around and found this bakery that had the most delicious baked goods. I wish I had pictures still but their Pink Chiffon cake was the most delicious cake I’ve had in awhile, I paired it with Jasmine Green tea and I devoured that in minutes. It isn’t highly populated and you’ll find the decor to be quite interesting and attractive. I don’t know, I really liked the ravens on the fireplace mantel and their large dark coloured chandelier.

  • Go to Granville Island — LOVE LOVE Granville Island. I think it’s the perfect rainy day adventure. But that’s just me. There are so many cute things to see, delicious things to taste and goods to buy. Plus the view isn’t bad either.
Granville Island
Granville Island
  • See a movie or have a movie marathon — It could definitely be a netflix binge watching kind of day. Finish your Vampire Diaries, Prison Break or get started on Gotham, How to get away with Murder or whatever floats your boat. No one will judge you, it’s cold and wet out there. Why not stay in your onesie and cuddle up with your S/O or pets and just watch TV. Or you can go see some movies, I don’t know what’s playing because I only go to the movies when superhero movies are out or some dystopian world novel has been turned into a movie.
  • Read at home, at a library, or bookstore — Okay, this may be the nerd in me speaking but I love going to bookstores and not buy anything but just pick up a book and read for a bit. I’m sure that’s why there are chairs in most of them. Take advantage of that. I’ve lost track of time in a bookstore, It’s a magical place and some of them have cafe’s or a coffee shop nearby.
  • Go to a Art Gallery, Museum, etc. — I know some of these cost money and can be quite expensive but I’m pretty sure that it would be nice to go see one on a rainy day. Even Science World ( I will never call it “Telus world of science” ever) has the animal body works show, I’ve heard it can be quite interesting. I’d definitely recommend any of these.
Who doesn't want to see animal insides?
Who doesn’t want to see animal insides?

Okay, so that’s my short list of things you CAN do but you really don’t have to. I know it’s cold out there, its dark and you’re probably not wanting to go out. To be honest, if it was possible I’d stay in bed all day and listen to music and read. I know you’re thinking that too. Or you’re totally the person who goes out and jumps in puddles (okay, I do that sometimes too). I just thought I’d share some possibilities. It’s Vancouver. There are tons of things to do. And well, if you’re not from Vancouver, you could still do stuff like this. Take a long drive over here and enjoy our West Coast weather. Just remember to stay safe out there, stay visible and drive safely.