(Saturday) Yoga: Day Two

Okay, so while you’re reading this, I’m actually not home, I’m at TedxSFU. I knew that I wouldn’t have time in the morning for my yoga session, so I decided to do it on Saturday and have it scheduled to upload while I’m gone for the day. It’s another dark day in Vancouver but honestly, I am quite enjoying it. I’m definitely trying to appreciate things a lot more. There is a lot of bad and terrifying things happening in our world that the little things that we stress about don’t even compare but that’s not what I want to talk about. This morning when I woke up, I felt blessed because I’m here and I want to spread my happiness, positivity and just smile at people. We definitely need more of that.

Before I start off, I definitely do want to say that I think that after I finish this 30 day experiment, I want to do yoga every other day. I definitely think that doing it once a week is good because I’m trying to ease into it but I definitely enjoy these 30 minutes of focusing on my body.

So here is day two:

(for some reason, the link directs itself to this main page, sorry! I will try to fix it)

Before my session:

I definitely woke up needing a good stretch. I’m an awful sleeper. I’ve been going to bed with really bad headaches and I get them a lot more frequently throughout the day too. Anyway, I’ve noticed that I find half of my pillows and blankets on the floor. So this means, I’m probably been having some restless nights. Even though I woke up a little achy, I woke up quite happy. Today is one of my best friends birthday and I don’t get to see her much because life. She’s always the one person who always told me to stretch out after a work out, so I feel proud that I am. It’s also a good thing that day two is “stretch & soothe”, I definitely need it.

During my session:

Basically, I had an “OMG” session. I know I’m always tense but I didn’t know that I was tense all over. I felt every nook and cranny in my body catch on fire. It was an odd but quite satisfying feeling. Though I had to take it easy at some point because a few months ago, I bumped my funny bone and it still tends to hurt every once in awhile.

After my session:

Sweaty and stretched out. I had to use a lot of my body and even though I work out, I thought transitions would be easy but nope, I was wrong. I did feel great after though. I definitely feel so elongated after I do yoga. I like that feeling. For my final breathe, I sprayed Sage’s Yoga Transition mist. I actually got this as a gift from my mom awhile back ago because I wanted the headache roller that was in the package but now I have that, the transition mist and a mat spray!

Sage Yoga Transition Mist, Yoga Anti-bacterial Spray in their little recycled yoga mat package.
Sage Yoga Transition Mist, Yoga Anti-bacterial Spray in their little recycled yoga mat package.

The playlist:

I actually didn’t play music this time. I definitely didn’t miss it though. I was too focused on not giving up and on my breathing.

I’m actually enjoying this quite a bit more than I expected. I definitely hope it helps with headaches and my body soreness and tightness.

See you next weekend! ❤


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