How to Survive Midterms

Here it is once again, Midterms. These dreaded exams that show the professor whether we have been paying attention in their three hour lectures and to show whether we have done the readings. Midterms...I hate them. Since I prefer writing long-ass papers over midterms or any kind of exams. Here are some tips on how… Continue reading How to Survive Midterms

Types of people at hockey games (or any other applicable sporting event)

Okay, so with the NHL season just around the corner and having attended a pre-season game, I decided to write about the types of people you see at hockey games ( and other applicable sporting events). There are always interesting people that you meet, there is nothing like coming together to support your favourite team,… Continue reading Types of people at hockey games (or any other applicable sporting event)

The Importance of Random Adventures

Sometimes writing in your private personal journal isn't quite enough. Sometimes hanging around your house and seeing everyone else live their life isn't either. For many years, I was the girl who just focused on school and not having fun. I would put off having fun because I told myself I would have fun once… Continue reading The Importance of Random Adventures