Types of people at hockey games (or any other applicable sporting event)

Okay, so with the NHL season just around the corner and having attended a pre-season game, I decided to write about the types of people you see at hockey games ( and other applicable sporting events).

There are always interesting people that you meet, there is nothing like coming together to support your favourite team, whether you’ve been supporting them since you first opened your eyes or you just jumped on the wagon.

Anyways, I was at a pre-season game and it brought back so many good memories of past season games. So let’s get started, here are some of the people who I notice at hockey games.


1. The sleepers– these are the people who actually fall asleep during a hockey. Well, we can’t blame them half of the time, sometimes the game is just that boring but I mean, if you’re paying that much money for a seat down in the lower bowl, I wouldn’t fall asleep. Life is hard for everyone and taking a nap at a hockey game seems quite right.

2. The parents–these are the people who actually bring their young ones to the game to share their love of the game. Unfortunately, some of them just don’t share their parents love for the game or that team…or maybe are too young to care and prefer to be playing at home.

3. The business date–these are the people who bring their future business partners to the game and aren’t just interested in the game just showing off to their business partner or trying to close a deal. You don’t see them celebrate as much as the other fans.

4. The talker– there are two types in this section for me, there is the one who just wants to talk about life at a hockey game. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re on a date it’s okay to want to chat during breaks or intermission but I actually am there to WATCH the game and talk hockey –That brings me to type two, the ones who talk about hockey or poke fun at everything. they make the game much more interesting.

5. The questioner(similar to number 4), this person has never been to a hockey game or just doesn’t understand the game. they are constantly asking questions about who that player is, what just happened or what is hockey…..I’m sure we all know someone.

6. The sorry-excuse me person: if you have sat in the aisle seat, you will understand this. These people go in and out every 3 minutes to either go to the washroom, to grab more food or to buy more drinks. they’re not annoying in anyway, its kind of funny to some degree unless they start actually blocking you from seeing them score.

7. The nosebleed fans: they tend to be the loudest, start off cheers and well work really hard to get unto that jumbotron.

8. The bandwagoner: everyone knows of one each season, the person who started off liking the team but they start losing consecutively and this person loses all hope and decides half way that they are done. They throw down their gear and just start cheering for the other team.

9. The mini fan: these are the youngsters whose parents have taught them about hockey from such a young age, that they can name every player past, present and maybe even the future. they know all the lingo, they probably know more than you do. They amaze you by how much they know and you wonder if they are that good with every other thing in life, like school.

10. The Love-birds: people who show their affection during games. They are so passionate about the game and themselves. They kiss every time the team scores, these are the people who get proposed to at hockey games. Hockey is this couples thing. Sometimes they’re all cute like and some just annoy you.

These are some I notice, I am not saying they are accurate and this was just for fun. I don’t mean to offend anyone because well this is just like my journal. I just write what I feel. Anyways, I wish your teams the best! If you have any more you think are not on the list, feel free to comment them!


The season begins in a very few days! Have a great season hockey fans!

& if you were wondering who I cheer for, I’ve been cheering for my Vancouver Canucks.

(P.S Be Nice!)


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