What am I up to?

Oh my, clearly I have been slacking with my blogging. I’m extremely behind with my posts about my yoga experience and I haven’t been able to share all of the exciting things in my life.

I hope to be able to catch up on blogging after next week. I have so much to write about, but no time to write. I wanted to share that I’m almost done my first semester of my LAA program. I’m super excited for the following weeks after my midterms.We’re going to be interviewing staff from firms and visiting the courts which is exciting. I’m swamped, but I’m doing well in my program. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I’m so proud of myself for loving what I do. I can’t complain much because deep down inside I really enjoy this.

Not only am I learning about the job, but I am learning a lot about myself. I still have things to work on such as understanding that not everyone has the same work ethic that I do. There are a lot of other things that have changed in my life. I’ll share those stories soon!

I won’t be able to share much today. I just wanted to let you all know I’m still around.




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