The Unemployment Workout.

Yep, you read the title right. I’ve been sitting around trying to figure out how to release stress and embedded frustration from receiving multiple employment rejection letters. At first, I had the idea to start some sort of drinking game but that really could end badly. I mean, I was thinking about having a shot every time I receive a rejection letter but I think that would just make me a daily drinker and I don’t think my liver or body would appreciate that.

So I decided to opt for a healthier alternative. My logic behind this was to let go of that disappointment and frustration through working out. I actually do that on a daily basis now, since I’m trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle but when I get sad about not getting a job, I sometimes get side-tracked, let the emotions take hold and I find myself stuffing pizza, chocolate, candy, iced-tea, cake, etc. into this mouth of mine. So here it goes.

1. Every cover letter you write in a day= Skipping for 60 seconds.

2. For every resume you send out= 10 pushups.

3. For every email you send out= 15 lunges (each side)

4. For every rejection letter you receive= 50 jumping jacks

5. For every time you doubt yourself and your skills= 1 minute plank

6. For every hand cramp= full body stretch (hold for 40 seconds each)

7. For every phone interview= 20 crunches (3 sets)

8. For every group interview= 20 sit-ups (3 sets)

9. For every second interview= 10 spiderman climbs

10. For when you get the job= you’ll be super fit and you can celebrate with buying new clothes, new shoes, a fancy dinner, celebrate with your family, friends, even your cat. Do what you do to celebrate the long hours you spent perfecting your resume, finding the right words to say in your cover letter, for being confident and walking into that interview.

Repeat as necessary. Remember find ways to let go of frustration, working out is a great way to boost energy levels, confidence, memory and well, you’ll feel better with all those endorphins. I just thought it would be fun to do something a little different.



6 thoughts on “The Unemployment Workout.”

  1. I’ve been discovering the feeling of being rejected too, lately… It sounds like you’ve found a good way to deal with it 😀

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  2. This is an awesome (and healthy) alternative! might have to start applying this to my every day life…. with self image and such! Good luck!! :)))

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