Educated and Jobless

So this blog post will be based off my own experiences and some of the ones my friends are going through too! We’re all at the point of graduating and looking for jobs that focus more on our majors. I mean, we didn’t just spend thousands of dollars, countless hours of homework and research and all-nighters, so that we could continue working (or in my case, not working) at our local retail stores or coffee shops. Don’t get me wrong, those jobs are great (to some degree), I worked in retail for awhile and it helped pay bills and buy me things that I like but it’s about time I get a job in my area of expertise.

So here is my problem lately, the majority of us are basically applying for the same jobs, in the same town, against a whole bunch of other people (internally and external). I would not mind relocating somewhere else for a job, if it meant that I could actually put my degree to use and not starve after graduation (Yes, I’m being a little melodramatic). It has been a stressful situation, because I’m still currently in school so most of the jobs require my full and undivided attention. Like I was saying, I wouldn’t mind moving to another province for a job, but I’m currently in the process of applying to graduate school (yes, more school!). Everyone I’ve met the past few weeks has stated that it is such a smart move doing more school. Why? (I asked this too!)

So the first reason, I’ve heard is that well education is never a waste. (Preach!). I love school. I love learning, I want to be great in my field. This is why I am in the process of going to graduate school but a girls also got to live. I can go to grad school, but I need a job. Or how else am I going to pay for it? Student loans? hah! I’ve gone down this road already and do you know the stats on this…it’s awful.
The second reason, there has been a decline in the hiring process. According to one of my professors, they usually just hire from within. I get it, these people have been there longer and have gotten the training already so why not…well, it screws the rest of us over. He told us to literally apply for positions that kind of suck in order to get our foot in the door. So he said going to school is just the best answer to be better qualified…but if there are no jobs then what is the point…
I’m pretty sure we’ve all gone through similar situations when it comes to looking for a job but I feel stressed, worried, insecure, all at the same time. I’m trying to remain hopeful.

Another stressful situation is that there’s a whole bunch of unnecessary qualifications that organizations require. Who is really going to have THAT MANY qualifications…oh and my favourite those “entry-level” positions that require so much experience…wait what?. Lately, I hear so many of the same things “you are too overqualified” or “you lack experience”. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t lack experience if you hired me…or what does too much even mean…isn’t that a good thing?

I even overheard a conversation on the bus between two business majors who were talking about how their friends got jobs only because they knew someone already there. So basically, you need to have connections everywhere nowadays to even get a job. I know it’s not like that all the time and at all the places, but it leaves the rest of us kind of in the dark. I know people, I have so many connections but I like to work my way through but if that’s the case, then what’s the point…guys, I’m stressed out.

My mom keeps saying when one door closes, another one opens. My dad says the same thing and to stay hopeful. But we’re all pretty much exhausted of competing with one another for a job that may not even pay well. Let’s hope that out of the 20 places I’ve applied another one calls for an interview, at least.

So this is obviously a rant that I thought I should share and perhaps you can all give some words of advice on what to do. I am slightly stressed out (okay, more than slightly), it’s the end of the semester, I have papers and exams to study for. At some point, I wish I had done more with my life, to stand out on a resume….#sigh

Thanks for even reading my rant. ❤


2 thoughts on “Educated and Jobless”

  1. Thanks for your post but this isn’t a new problem. I can relate so much as I graduated with a Master’ of Psychology in 1991. After graduation, when I interviewed with various companies, I was told my degree wasn’t broad enough. It’s an existing problem and maybe tells that too many people go to college.


    1. Yeah. Or just a large amount of people studying the same thing. 😦 I just keep hearing that I need more experience and I get that. I’ve spent most of my time earning a degree that I haven’t had a lot of experience but I mean, how else am I supposed to get it without getting hired. I spend half of my time volunteering (which I love but most of these places don’t hire for paid positions) and I keep thinking something will come out of all my experience. It’s just a little frustrating. 😦

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