I’m trying to be more serious

Hey everyone,

So I know I haven’t written much these days, I have two posts that I am working on but I also wanted to share with you another blog I am a part of. It is much more serious but I wanted to share with all of you. I am extremely proud of my editorial committee and we love what we write about. So I hope you enjoy reading these posts by the amazing SFU pre-law society editorial committee. I have been wanting to take a more serious approach to blogging and writing about important issues in Canada and in the world. So thank you, if you do read it. I also started contributing to the SFU CSI & Engage blog, so I cannot wait to share that with you. Here is the link for the ‘blawg’. I hope to finish my other two posts by the end of the month, if not first week of April. It is the end of the semester, so my plate is a little full but I cannot wait to be back and write more for you guys. I miss you all!



1 thought on “I’m trying to be more serious”

  1. Congrats on making it towards the end of the semester, that is a feat in itself. But definitely will take a look. Cant wait to see what you have on your mind.

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