To the person who holds my heart

Dear future person who will hold my heart,

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m afraid. Afraid of giving my heart to someone again. I’ve been hurt and I have hurt. I know you’ll treat me the way I want to treat you. With love, acceptance and honesty. I know I can be complicated. I just have issues trusting and letting people in. It used to be easy. It used to be so natural. But I come to you today and ask of you to understand.

I’m old school with a bit of new school. I like to take care of people. I like to be taken care of. I love my freedom and someone to share it with. That is all I want. I do not want to limit you or you to limit me. I want us to be two old souls. Dancing to music, laughing all the time. I want us to one day sit on a park bench and still feel the exact same way like when we first met. I want the romance. I want that love. The trust. The support. I see my parents and they’ve been through a lot but they’re always together. It’s a beautiful sight.

I don’t want us to keep things to ourselves. I want us to be open and pure. If we fight, lets deal with it then and not go to bed angry or upset. I want to know that we will make it through. I just want us to be happy together.

I never thought I could feel this way. Not again, but in a whole different way. I want you to feel like my equal and I hope you want the same for me. Your motivation will be inspirational, I know with you we will accomplish so much. I want you to know that I’ll take care of you. I’ll treat you with the respect you deserve. I want to make you smile with my weird jokes and awkwardness. Please accept me for who I am–including my flaws which are many. I know you’ll challenge me in a good way. I know with you we will always make it through whatever life throws our way. Dear, I want you to know I’m ready.



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