Okay, so I’ve been kind of busy and I haven’t even had time to think about blogging. Terrible Right? It’s a good thing that I’m taking this blogging course to keep me on track. After five whole minutes of thinking about what I could write about today, I decided to use the famous Instagram trend #throwbackthursday or #TBT. Why? Well, because it’s a whole lot of fun. I mean who doesn’t like digging up their favourite childhood pictures or finding that really raggedy doll that’s missing half of her hair and her eyes aren’t as cute as they used to be. But either way, it makes you smile to go back and remember those days.

This is totally out of the norm for me. But let’s talk about my two favourite toys of the 90s.

I had lots of toys but I absolutely loved my polly pockets. Polly pockets no longer fit in your pocket. They’re different, they’re modern. They’re quite big. It makes me sad. I still don’t know why they changed the size or how they look, I guess the times do change and thus making it one of my favourite #TBT toys. I mean I felt really cool having so many different kinds and carrying them everywhere and playing with all them and changing their environments. It only sucked when you lost one. #sad

The next 90s toy that I was obsessed with were SKY DANCERS. yes, you heard me. Sky Dancers. The coolest toys that I ever owned. In all honesty, I still wish I had one. Who didn’t love all of them? I think I had most of them. They made me happy. They looked magical. I wish I could get my hand on one or two. Who doesn’t love toys that fly? I always found that toys designed for boys tend to be the ones that do the cool stuff (I used to also play with “boy” toys) like fly, jump, you know what I mean. So when I got my sky dancer I was happy. It only sucked when one hit you in the face. #ouch

Yes, this was a short post because I just really wanted to share a #TBT and I want to know in the comments what was your favourite toy. Until next #TBT, see you!

If you were a 90s girl, here’s a link for some more #TBT toys of the 90s!



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