The future

I can’t control what will happen tomorrow,
I can’t change what happened yesterday,
Life is filled with love, happiness and sorrow,
Some days will be sunny, others will be grey

The future is bright, bright is the future
it all depends on how you see it
some days will be rough and others smoother
remember what they say, “show some spirit”

Oh, how I can’t wait
but I can’t lie I sometimes wish I knew my fate.


The sun was leaving to take its break,
the sky was a baby blue and light pink hue,
the steam boat was out on the river,
you could hear the laughter and chatter from my log,
I sat around while they all danced away,
they could have that, I didn’t mind.
For what I was experiencing in that moment, they would never know.


You keep my secrets hidden away,
only to expose them when trespassers
go through you
you hold my most intimate things,
things I treasure most,
even if others don’t know their worth.
you keep them safe for me
and understand.

Faithful Fingers

Day & Night, they hold a pen while I write or sometimes
they’re busy while I type. Sometimes they explore the contours of your face,
sometimes they get caught in an awkward space. They’re always busy,
letting me know when somethings too hot or if something will hurt.
They’ve got me covered, holding my head when I’m frustrated or
holding your hand when I’m scared.
They’re usually faithful, sometimes they get tired.
But I try to protect them as much as I can.


& he worked hard is while life,

never complaining, just kept going.

Giving us all he could,

never complaining, only pushing through.

Gave us all shelter, clothes & food.

never complaining, always with a smile.

most of all he gave us love, the way a father should.