We both couldn’t find our way,

we were lost in a forest of muted conversation

The environment so thick and heavy,

we were focused on our self-preservation.


  A Cat             My Cat
Arrived in          February,
It’s been a        grand year
we rescued you during that winter.
Your fur, so soft, those green eyes that
enchanted our family. We love you dearly
silly cat. The way that  you purr and cuddle
up on our sides. your best friend is our dog,
and although, she still runs away, she loves you too.
I like how you stare at our birds and you watch them
as they play. You stare out of windows for long periods
of time. It’s cute how you meow and squint your eyes.
But it hurts when you want to play and scratch up my arm. well jet, here is your poem.It’s not very good but I love you. Even if you’re a little



Forever, we will be united.
Although sometimes we are fighting.
Memories, moments, & lessons hold us together
I love how no matter what, we strive
Learning to love, learning about life
You’re all I need, you’ve given me loads to survive.


It was a beautiful day to get in the car,
it had been awhile since I had driven that far.
Sun shining, so splendid.
my mind clear and mended.
I can’t wait to get back and drive under the centre star.