Let’s fall back together.

There is nothing more true than the words “we were meant to fall apart, then fall back together”. I got to give credit to Taylor for these words. These words can be taken in so many directions. It can be applied to our personal lives, career, academic life, relationships, etc. If you really think about it, at some point in all our lives, we have fallen apart.
I have fallen apart tons of times. Academically, Relationship-wise, friendship-wise, health-wise. I have fallen apart in so many different ways and I am still surprised that I pick myself up and continue.

We’ve all hit rock bottom and sometimes it gets so hard to get back up. Sometimes you give up all together and it doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. Sometimes you just decide that maybe that wasn’t going to work out for you. Let me tell you about mine. I hit rock bottom when I let others influence my life for me. I blame myself. I never stood my ground. I was a pushover. I’ve moved on from all the hurt people have caused me, thus why I talk about it so openly. I want people to know that it really does get better, you just have to put in the work. It’s okay to break down crying, it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to feel sad or depressed. This happens at a personal/micro level. Let’s look at it at the macro level.

Honestly, looking at recent events. Our society seems to be falling apart. But there are individuals that fight a good cause, that protest for peace. They bring us together. It’s not the events that bring people together. It’s the goodness and the hope that most of us share. We fall apart to fall back together. There is so much pain, suffering, loss of hope and faith. There are groups of people who want all of us to follow their ways by force. People are being desensitized through bad communication. We need to care. Always for a right cause. We need to fall back together. I feel like sometimes society feels like high school. The bullies and the bullied and the outcasts and then those who just try to get by. Some people had a good high school experience…others didn’t. That’s life right now. There are those who have everything together and then there are people who are dying. I’m not saying that we should be mad at those who have everything because we can’t blame them for something that they have and we don’t. But none of us trust each other. We’ve lost trust.
I just hope we all fall back together.




Saying Hello

It’s been quite a crazy day. It was my first day back of my last semester of my undergraduate degree. I haven’t been this excited since I actually started university. It was really weird walking in and barely recognizing faces, it was weird because I am so comfortable and used to seeing my friends in most of my classes. I’ve built myself a little community with my friends and sometimes you forget that you have to branch out again. So let’s see what happens there.

The assignment today for our blogging 101 course is saying hello to our neighbours. It’s so interesting how our society has evolved in such an interesting way. Saying hi to our neighbours. Do some of us even know our neighbours? Do we interact with them? It’s quite funny how we can easily build an online community but forget that we also need to build one outside. I love interacting with people off-line and online, it really makes life more interesting. Sometimes I feel like society has gone from expressing ourselves in long hand written letters to using 140 characters or sticking to texting. Don’t get me wrong, the online community is amazing.

Some of us have forgotten that. We can spend hours talking to our friends across the globe via the internet but forget to even say hello to our neighbours. My advice is branch out, interact and build a community–online and offline. All you need is to find something in common, something you’re both interested in or perhaps you and your neighbours can explore new adventures.

Say Hello and Smile.