Dinner with 4

Have you ever wanted to invite people you didn’t know at all for dinner? If you could pick anyone, who would you invite? I asked myself, if I were hosting a dinner, who would I pick to come over and enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of wine? I also asked myself why I would want to.

So I thought about it for a few days, I asked myself why I would want them over and the questions I would ask them. So I hope you find this interesting or entertaining and don’t forget to share some of your opinions on my dinner!

The Guest List:

  1. Jane Austen: I would invite Jane over because I would love to get her two cents in on gender issues of 2015. Jane who writes amazing stories with strong characters both men and women. Not only does she write about love, determination, personal struggles but some of the things she writes about resonate with me in certain ways. Sense & Sensibility is actually one of my favourites because I am a combination of the Dashwood sisters. I see myself in both of those characters. I would also ask her our of all her books which one was her favourite, I would like to get to know which character she related to the most and why? I also would ask her about being a writer and submitting her work anonymously and the struggle that she had to endure in her field. I like that she was a non-conformist to the idea of that era and that her characters reflected that in most cases. 9880428_orig
  2. F. Scott Fitzgerald: One of my favourite authors ever. He wrote my favourite book ever (No, not the Great Gatsby) butThis Side of Paradise. Why? Well, because it’s a reflection of his own experiences and life. I would ask him how he embraced that and put it into words.  Since I like to write in my journals and attempting short stories, I would ask him questions about how to get the juices flowing from my experiences. I have ideas but sometimes I can’t seem to remember how to write a coherent sentence. I would ask him how he captured his essence and trapped it in his pen to share with us.f-scott-fitzgerald
  3. Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Well, because he’s a spanish novelist. He also wrote one of my favourite books. The Shadow of the Wind was life changing. A book about a secret place filled with secret books isn’t that magical? I love his work. I would ask him about where he gets his mystery, crime, gothic inspiration from. I want to know how he was able to capture Spain in all it’s 19th century glory and gore, from photographs? Stories he’s read or heard? I would like to know how he managed to captivate my mind and allow it to walk the streets and feel the rush of adrenaline while running away from the mysterious figure. tumblr_lz8o45cpzf1qfm7mwo1_500
  4. Margaret Atwood: Okay, who wouldn’t want her at dinner? I would ask her about how she feels where Canada is going now on climate change? Politics? Cause I know she obviously has all the answers to life. I’d ask her where her favourite place is in Quebec. I’d talk to her about Oryx and Crake, MaddAddam, and the Year of the Flood because how could you not? These books defined how I see the world. I know half of these things do not exist yet but are we not far off? Are we not destroying our planet? Our bees disappearing? Creating and mixing DNA and trying to “fix” ourselves? Oh gosh, I think that this would turn into an interesting conversation. tumblr_m6dayvg9xh1rriw3so1_500

Okay, so as you can see I would invite authors to my dinner. I think having a diverse group and people from different era’s would bring great perspective and knowledge. These authors are all great thinkers and amazing writers who captivate audiences every day. I don’t know if I could contribute much to the discussion because I’d be in awe but I know that I would be fascinated with the conversation that would be happening under my roof with a glass of wine.


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