Lush Face Mask Review: Rosy Cheeks

Okay okay, so I know I’m not really good at keeping up with my reviews on products but I’m going to try to do them once in awhile. I’m really big on trying new things on my skin because my skin tends to suck. Since the weather is super chilly, my skin tends to dry up faster and look dull in this type of weather so I try to keep it looking alive.

So the product that I had been wanting to try for quite some time because you tubers were raving about it has been the Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask by Lush. According to the website and the staff at Lush, it’s supposed to calm and soothe the skin and clean away impurities. For me, I just wanted to see if it would liven up my skin while cleaning it. It has no exfoliating products in it but I find that it left my skin feeling super smooth, soft and quite radiant.

I think my favourite part of this product was the rosy scent and the fact that it’s a blush colour. I just felt like I was caressing my face with roses while putting it on. I absolutely loved the product and it really just made me happy. I have sensitive skin so I found that this was perfect for my type of skin that tends to go crazy in cold weather.

I’d definitely recommend it to everyone with all kinds of skin tones–don’t use if you have allergies to some of the ingredients. I really thought I’d have a reaction since I sometimes use other masks (not the Lush ones I’ve tried) that make my face go red (not that cute rosy look) and spotty. This one didn’t do that at all. (Here’s the link, so that you can check out the ingredients Rosy Cheeks | Masks | Lush)

When I do facials, I leave them on for 10-15 minutes while I watch youtube videos. After I’ve waited long enough and scared my family, I like to wash it off with lukewarm water and a nice clean towel before using my toner and then applying serum and night cream! It leaves the skin quite refreshed in the morning!

I also won’t complain about the price, I think that’s pretty decent, it’s too bad that they don’t last that long though. I think you only get 2-3 weeks of usage before it expires and I don’t have that many facials in between so I find that it can be a waste if it’s only one person using it. BUT I can’t wait to go get another tub of it and some other Lush products!

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 9.35.47 PM


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